SEC will make $20M more per school

It’s all about money and the SEC is battling with the Big Ten to see who’s #1 in revenue.

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The PAC 12 is going to have to do something or they are going to fall very far behind in comparable P5 revenue.


That raise is nearly 3X what we get in total from our new TV contract. We are toast if we don’t get a P5 invite soon.


May soon have the Super Two, P3, and G5.


The gap between the elite conferences’ payout and the AAC continues to widen. Like I said over the summer or whenever the new AAC deal was announced, our little raise matters to us, but those things will never make a dent in the money difference between AAC and everyone else.


Thats what like 50-60 million per school from TV alone?? There is no argument is the world that will be convince me that Ole Miss and Miss State are worth that much and UH is worth 7M per year.


Or Vanderbilt, Arkansas. It’s who you know, I guess.


Closer to 75. NFL teams get 150

Could see a future where the SEC is a middle tier between college and the pros, and might be the only way minor league pro football can survive.

A&M will still be mediocre, but have more money to waste…bummer!


It’s why being in any part of the club it’s our ultimate goal from our biggest pipe dreams SEC andBIG, to our most begrudging acceptance the Big 12. It just doesn’t matter we dance with who invites us. Virtually No questions asked.


A few points that stuck out for me
Negotiating for AFTER 2023
CBS losing the contract
Fox trying to salvage some “crumbs”

At the same time:
We got a new deal from Mickey Mouse
The MWC is negotiating theirs

So the other four P5’s will want more…Does that indicate future movements? The PAC flirting with Apple is extremely interesting. Is Apple on the verge of creating their own TV package like Disney has done with ESPN+? It sure looks that way. That would mean they will need content and …eye balls…

The other P conferences won’t get as big of a bump. The SEC finally negotiated what aTm and Missouri are worth since there was no adjustment when they first joined.

The pac flirting with Apple is the same flirting they’ve been trying everywhere else, and failed. Apple won’t replace espn

How would you know what Apple has in plans? Are you on the Apple board or privy to special news? Please let us know.
Apple is not a media company out of Madagascar. Just wait let’s see what happens. IMO this is hugely interesting. Furthermore Apple is is financially sound. That is not the case with Mickey Mouse.

Yeah. These realignment threads go all over the place, so I try not to get involved as much anymore. But something has to happen or we’ll be permanently relegated to minor league status, if we’re able to maintain football at all. I don’t know anymore than anyone else, but it seems to me we have three possible opportunities. Obviously a fourth would be that we remain in the AAC. In no particular order, we may eventually have a chance to join either the PAC, the ACC, or the Big 12.

The PAC would need to be a situation where they see themselves in decline and decide they have to move into Central Time Zone with the 2-4 best teams available. We’d have to hope we would make the cut. I don’t think Texas or Oklahoma would be interested when there’s so much $$$ to be had in the big two. So it could be 2-4 from UH, Kansas, Tech, Iowa State, TCU, and Oklahoma State. Not going to comment on which 2-4 would get it, if there’s an it to get. All have selling points.

I do think OU is going to bolt, which would mean Texas would have to decide what it wants to do. Everything I have heard suggests Texas isn’t interested in the SEC. I really don’t think they want to move at all; it’s good to be da King. But I would guess they would go to the Big 10, go independent (yes, they could manage that with one hand tied behind their back. They’d get a deal as good as Notre Dame’s and schools would be knocking down their door to schedule them), but they might also try to keep the Big 12 alive. They’d have pressure to do so, and money isn’t a concern for Texas. But I think it’s the least likely option. Still, if that happened and OU and at least one other were gone, the Big …8? would need to add members, and there would be big political pressure on behalf of UH.

The other dim hope would be for the ACC to continue to suck in football sans Clemson and keep making the least money. Houston is the #7 DMA, and within about a year Cincinnati will move to #11. Getting those two areas would be like adding an Ohio or Pennsylvania to your market share, and the conference would get a foothold in Texas and southern Ohio plus add two potentially strong football teams and good basketball programs that would fit right in.

Honestly, I think the more likely scenario for us is no movement, but I think the odds are closer to 50-50 than 10-90 against—maybe about a 1/3rd or so chance because the money has become too great for there not to be movement. We just have to hope that chaos happens and is our friend.

Yep, I’ve always thought our BEST most realistic option in the ACC. They are the “city school” heavy conference and we would be welcomed with open arms as compared to the other U of State school heavy conferences I’d add Houston and Cincinnati which would give the ACC two new large states, two big markets, and two programs who are above average in football and basketball. I’m actually shocked this hasn’t happened yet. It’s our BEST option. Our basketball program belongs in the ACC.

Here’s why the others are not realistic, in my opinion…

PAC - west coast heavy, no rivals, and in states with dying football traditions. They just don’t play football as much anymore and we’d be
Big 12- obvious reasons. Except for Oklahoma, I have zero interest in any of thos programs. Most are in fly over states and there’s so much bad blood between us and the Texas schools that we just cant trust them .
SEC & B1G- I don’t think either will look our way.

Really? The UH campus is 660 miles from the nearest ACC member, which is FSU.

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I am privy to the fact that any media company that has gone against Disney and ESPN has not fared well.

I’m also privy to the fact that even amazon, with their live streaming, has put their money in professional sports where the real money is.

Apple may be interested in content but won’t be going all in as evidenced by them talking with the PAC instead of a professional league, or even the BIG or SEC.

The most realistic possibility by far is back filling in the the Big 12 if Texas and OU leave. The media rights for that conference would be nowhere close to the SEC, but better than the American as currently constructed (especially since one or more of the other more valuable members would probably be part of the move if it happened).

This SEC deal would appear to make Texas and OU more likely to leave.

Yes, I think we are already established on the eastern side of the country…the AAC has programs in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, etc.

The ACC is North Carolina heavy so I think we will be fine in the ACC. I’d prefer to ‘go east’ instead of of West on the coast.