Second Half Collapses = Bad coaching

I’ve held my fire with regard to the coaching of Applewhite & Company as long as I can.

When you consistently see second half collapes, it’s on the coaching (or lack thereof).

It’s not the players. We seem to be getting out coached.


I agree. I haven’t seen any halftime adjustments all year that give me confidence in the coaching staff.


The defense was horrible in the 2nd half. T Williams was lost on a deep ball, double coverage even, he gave up on the play, didn’t have a clue where the ball was.

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I’ve been nervous about Applewhite since the Bowl Game.


I have even less confidence in the assistants but would be cool to see Vincent Marshal as head coach!

Ferguson is the kind of QB that we hoped Allen would be.


ive been trying to hold back on Applesauce as well…i’m worried

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Personal fouls and Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties are also a sign of an undisciplined, poorly coached team. We have them every game.

We get the INT, then an unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty. They overturn the call, so instead of 3rd down at the 5 its first down at the 2. Keep your damn mouth shut.


Where is the discipline applesauce? You are over your head coaching our FB team.


This thread is our season in a nutshell.


We may have a serious strength and conditioning issue. Perhaps that coach is failing as well. All the second half collapses.



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I agree.

Why is our defense looking as gassed as they did in the 2nd half when 1) we controlled TOP in this game and 2) the Memphis drives were short?

Why is our offensive line unable to get a push against a defense that had been on the field all game?

Why, during the Tech game, are our guys cramping more than the Tech players?


I was actually thinking the same thing last night

Yes, I agree. IMHO, I think the number of penalties this team has is disappointing and shows an undisciplined team, which points to bad coaching. We are averaging 6.9 per game this year (87th in the nation!) – compared to 4.7 per game last year! I can understand the fact that he’s a new coach, and has lost last year’s talent, but I do not understand this.

Let the other team beat you; don’t help them do it.


And to add on to the penalties, we’re turning the ball over 2.3 times per game which puts us at 120th in the nation. Last year, we turned the ball over 2 times a game (107th) while we only turned the ball over 1 time per game in 2015 (10th in the nation).

Coaches have preached ball security the last two years, but we’ve been really bad at it.


These second half meltdowns have been a problem all year, even in our wins.

Whether it’s a lack of half-time adjustments (offense/defense/special teams), discipline, or strength and conditioning, something is off with our coaches.


You lose any credibility w that kind of statement. Maybe G. Ward can be O.C. geez!!


This thread is our season in a nutshell."

Succinctly put.


Tulsa & Memphis in second half vs. Houston:

• 80 points
• 624 yards total offense
• Touchdowns on 11 of 13 drives

UH led at half both games

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