Sellout Thread

First game against Northern Colorado was a sellout. There’s 26 tickets available for ORU and TSU on Wednesday is standing room only which to me is a sellout. Hope we see 18 sellouts this season.


Kent State shows to be a sellout with SRO tickets still available

Love the sellouts. the Northern Colorado game was pretty full, but definitely not SRO or anything. ESPN attendance said 7042. No way was that accurate. My row was about half full, as were many others. My eye ball guess says 6000. Not bad for a Monday night against a directional school.


Selling ticket success is causing a major parking problem . . . . . Something needs to be done . . . . .


A lot of season ticket holders are probably not showing up but like to show up when it’s a big game.


I REALLY wish they would open up the entrance to the green lot on the Elgin side. There’s no reason not to.


Wasn’t really the case vs NC

My best guess is they do not want to back up traffic onto Cullen (where some turn left onto Elgin) and also on Elgin West of Cullen. Last game, we almost ended up blocking Cullen while traveling East on Elgin. Traffic all along Elgin was at a stand still. We ended up turning left into the lot on the North side of the Green lot and after some argument, were allowed to park there, using our green lot pass.

Yeah for sure. I mean it wasn’t full by any stretch, but definitely well attended.

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When was the last time UH basketball sold out every home game on campus… :nail_care:

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Probably never on campus.


I’m not really following how those two things are interconnected honestly. That entrance/exit has been open for years until this year.

Funny how SUCESS helps ticket sales. Hear that PEZ?? BUT maybe PEZ is happy with UH being a “basketball school”?

I understood why it was closed when construction was being done, but it makes no sense for both the cash lot and the green lot have the same line of cars.

And of course my parking pass wouldn’t scan, thankfully the attendant waved me through because they saw the nightmare that we waited in. And this was at 6:15p, should have been so chaotic. Two attendants for the green lot is not enough.


During the second half (or later) of last year’s bb season, the entrance/exit was closed and also the wrap around street could not be entered from Scott, due to construction. I remember complaining loudly, because it took us about half a hour to exit the lot onto the wrap around street prior to getting back to Elgin. Causes a big traffic jam.

For ppl attending pro sports, how long does it take to exit out of the NRG area or Toyota center?

My pass scanned but the attendant had trouble printing the receipt. There are no legit reasons I can think of for them to be printing receipts in the parking lot.


I thought that was weird also. I don’t think they’re actually checking to see who’s paid or not

They need to build skybridges over Holman from garage to FC and from theater parking over Cullen. Would make a world of difference.


I thought about this but i don’t think the building is up high enough to build a bridge but idk i could be wrong

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