Sellout Thread

I feel the same way about having to take my ballcap off when entering any sporting event. Do they think I’m trying to smuggle a terrorist in, under my cap ? ? ? ? ?

From second or third level of parking garage across the street, then steps to get back to street level. Up and down on the theater idea . . . . .

Kent state, next home game looks to be a sellout as they are selling SRO tickets. I’m in favor of this as they will probably fill in eventually the no shows and make the arena look fuller.

Looks like about 120 tickets available for Norfolk State, roughly

About 200 roughly for northern florida. Same seats available for all these games

Ticket brokers

It’s a long season. Sometimes you just need to pace yourself. It helps to have an understanding partner.

The cunning and mighty TSA is always one step ahead of the terrorists!

How many SRO are we allowed to sell?
Also is sad that we have those nice seats by the scoreboards that we don’t sell or use.

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It is nice to see that there are lots of people searching for tickets as opposed to lots of people selling them . . . . . at least for BB . . . . .