Sen. Lindsey Graham's NIL drafted legislation would establish clearinghouse

At least someone that can gain some traction sees that the system is flawed. Checks and balances are needed in everything. There are none with the NIL system.


Does this help keep us from getting Alton’d or coach prime’d?

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“According to the bill, there would be nothing limiting the ability of an “institution, conference or athletic association to prohibit a third party from providing a student-athlete” with a recruiting inducement or compensation for participating in a sport.”

Maybe let the free market do their thing and leave our very competent government out of it.

nothing limiting the ability to prohibit…

Unlimited limits! Unprohibited prohibitions!


So does that mean that nothing would limit their ability? Or nothing in the bill would allow them to limit the ability?

The way it reads in that there is nothing that stops the school or conference from prohibiting businesses from sponsoring. So let’s say that UH tells Shead that his deal with a Nike competitor is a no go. Shead didn’t sign with Nike. So the school still gets paid and he cannot.

There is no model for this. The government has no model. The government doesn’t tell the Lakers that Lebron can only get paid by approved vendors. His contracts with private business might, but the senate doesn’t.

Just trying to keep Clemson and South Carolina relevant.

I only like the government when it agrees with me. I read this and I’m absolutely fuming because I can’t tell if I like the government right now.

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Little off topic, but going to ask the question anyway. Do we have a fan engagement Director?

Incomprehensible article.