Senator Whitmire running for mayor

In The Chronicle it says he will run for mayor here.

Can we then get the freshmen requirement to live on campus if he wins and get UT to sell the land to create an astroworld here.

Is he running against Turner or did term limits get Turner?

Hmmm…I think he will have less power as a mayor in helping UH at the
state level. True, he couldn’t threaten retribution for freshmen on campus
policy, but would have a mega microphone to denounce it and could gum up
school and city initiatives (think streets and stuff). I don’t see it as a “win” for UH
if he becomes mayor. Convince me otherwise.

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Not a fan of the guy.

I live in Katy, so I don’t have a vote, but I do NOT consider him to have UH’s best interests at heart.


It’s possible, but you need to find a serious drum banger for UH. Whitmire was one of the best we had in Austin (and as discussed he wasn’t great).

If helping UH in Austin is the top priority for you then the time is now to locate that candidate (regardless of political affiliation) get them running and meeting people because 90% of state district elections like this are name identity. Then of course in district you should do volunteer things and vote if you live out of district do volunteer things.

I think he’s made a lot of UT friends while in Austin. He may have been drinking the burnt orange coolaid where he may not really oppose UT Houston.

Not on our housing initiative though, which he opposed by using a lot of ignorant and nonsensically false racial/ethnic/gay stereotypes.

Dude wanted to hold us back and hold us down, regardless of his intentions.

As I’ve said before, I’m glad that he didn’t actually GRADUATE from my law school. I’d be really embarrassed if he had.


As mayor I don’t think he would have any official sway in forcing UT to sell the land.
But I do love the idea of having the land sold and new Astroworld created for the city.
But I’m not sure I will ever see either of those things happen unfortunately.

That would be a complete 180 switch for him and not likely I think. He is on
record against that and would be hard to walk back , especially when you
consider his long and deep and passionate connections to the school from his
undergraduate days.

Interestingly enough, wikipedia lists his Alma Mater as UH Bates College of Law.

He began his law studies at the Bates College of Law, then passed the bar in 1981 while still serving in the House. He did not graduate, as state law at the time allowed legislators entrance to the bar without a full J.D.[4]

Scroll down a little bit further in the article:

Quote: He began his law studies at the Bates College of Law, then passed the bar in 1981 while still serving in the House. He did not graduate, as state law at the time allowed legislators entrance to the bar without a full J.D.[4]

He was in one of the last cohort classes of bar examinees in TX that didn’t have to be a law school graduate in order to get licensed.

Yeah, added that snippet. Still his Alma Mater though as listed.

Turner can’t run anymore bc of term limits.

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Yes you can be an alum even if you didn’t graduate.

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He should have tried to get us some of that PUF. As mayor, he’ll have no power to do that.

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He can’t stop us from doing freshmen on campus now if we want to and wouldn’t be involved in stopping it bc as mayor , he’d have no power over purse strings. He’d be out of the loop and look meddling if he interfered with what we’re doing.

Disagree. Note he will re-run for Texas Senate in 2022, and then mayor in 2023. That’s 2 years
from now.

Whitmire, a Democrat, was joined by several other Houston lawmakers at the event, including his Senate colleague Borris Miles. He told the Houston Chroniclethat he intends to run for reelection to the Senate in 2022, serve in the 2023 legislative session and then run for mayor in November that year.

The freshman on campus is silly. You guys would like to keep bilking these kids for all their money since they can take out student loans. You guys would have UH become a student loan mill?


That’s a tall order and would require enough support in Texas politics and maybe a
constitutional vote. I suspect our supporters ( UH, TT, and others) don’t have the votes.
Unlikely horn or aggie governor would ever let this come to be unless they really buy into
greater good of the state over their personal ties.


What does your analysis of the source of UH lack of Alumni support tell you ?
What’s your solution to that problem ?

To get higher graduation rates, what else would you do ?


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