Senator Whitmire running for mayor

They could prob suggest it for the UH in 4 program.
They could require it for freshmen only then after the students could decide to commute or other after that first yr which would be ok. It would be to get them highly involved and focused. We have UH downtown if they don’t want to live on campus. UH needs to evolve and Khator wanted it but whitmire nixed it so I’m sure Khator knows more than us about what is needed.We had 35000 applicants this yr so and the move to the big12 will help us be a more destination school.

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Wasn’t it live on campus with an exception for people that lived at home within 30 miles or something like that?

It seemed to me that it forced those that weren’t already living at home to live on campus as opposed to living with in apartments in the city. Maybe I’m misremembering but I do remember some sort of exception.

As for Whitmire, he has his faults as a UH advocate but he’s been one of the best we have. Losing him in the state legislature is far from ideal. That said, he’s in his 70s so he wouldn’t be around forever anyway,

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My anaylsis is that the majority of my classmates are doing well after they graduated from UH. Who gives a f@ck if they aren’t all rah rah about UH athletics. I’m sure there are lots and lots of alumni going about their lives, doing well and glad that they aren’t debilitated by high student loans because they didn’t have to live and buy a meal plan while going to UH. UH was always the affordable alternative. You guys want to make it like another generic college. Keep UH weird!


It has to do with grad rates and also the rah , rah part bc it helps helps to have them on campus. The reason A&M fills their football stadium is bc they have a large on campus student body which we need to mimic then all things get easier. We’ve made great strides under Khator but it would help if we just required freshmen on campus for 1 yr which won’t break the bank. We had 35000 applicants so we could choose the ones willing to live on campus as a start.

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I don’t want to be Texas A&M. If that’s what you wanted you should have gone there.

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Dora the Explorer has no law degree but she’s a judge

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I don’t want us to be totally like A&M or close but having more students on campus helps in all ways from giving back later and being involved thru attendance etc. which is the point. What they could do is accept more students that are willing to commit to being on campus , if they are equal to other candidates on grades,etc. for just the first yr then let them do what they want later. We could be the best of both worlds in having commuter students and a larger on campus student body. Khator wanted it and so she’s knows what’s needed and would work here.

Think you keep missing the point.

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We can have both a great on campus student body as well as more than enough room for commuters which makes us stronger but we do need to up the on campus numbers. We’re at maybe 8k now but we need it to be 25% of the overall enrollment # to ditch the commuter tag. We’re getting there but a freshmen requirement would do wonders in making us a destination school and getting the numbers up.We need 11,750 on campus to reach that goal which is 25% of 47000.We’re at 17 % now with the 8000 on campus.

I posted this elsewhere on the forum, but we should have that percentage by 2023 if near campus housing counts.

By 2023, students will have up to an estimated 12,786 beds available to them. Most off-campus housing is less than a 15 minute walk to campus. Auden Houston is a 6 minute drive.

On Campus housing

Name Beds
Cougar Place 800
Cougar Village I 1,163
Cougar Village ll 1,144
Moody Towers 1,100
The Quad 1,189
University Lofts 984
Bayou Oaks 470
Cambridge Oaks 634
Cullen Oaks 879
Total 8,363

Off Campus - designated as student housing

Name Beds
Campus Vue 464
The Vue on MacGregor 347
The Gateway on Cullen 531
Tower 5040 405
The Icon 380
The Lofts at The Icon 380
The Proper 717
Auden Houston 306
Haven at Elgin 651 Open 2023
Scott Residence 242 Open 2023
Total 4,423

Grand Total: 12,786 beds

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And Doc McStuffins is a doctor with no medical degree. In fact, she is still in elementary school!!

Thanks for that direct response. Your vision and view seems to align with Whitmire and others.
I would venture to say you are happy with where UH is at and it has met your needs. And it will continue to meet the needs of all other future non traditional 1st generation college students. All good as is.

And of course some of us here want to see the school continue to elevate its status and see
the housing thing as a possible means to that end. I’ll grant you that yes, I would like to see
UH evolve into more elite traditional state supported public institution more of the likes of ut-A or a UCLA, as opposed to the aTm inbred variant. I see money as always the thing that just about
everything comes down to. And our lack thereof makes elevation issues more difficult. We are betting on The rah-rah stuff and student bonding to help build long term commits from future alumni.


That’s a Jusge’s position in name only.

It’s executive, not judicial. It requires no legal training.

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We don’t want to be aTm.

But we’d like to be a Houston version of UCLA or Pitt.

Sadly, many want for us to be the University of Phoenix with a campus.

That’s a recipe for a weak reputation.

The same non-traditional, working student sales pitch that some here make is also made by those types of schools.

It’s NOT prestigious and will NOT elevate our reputation.

Where did you get that my vision is the same as Whitmire? I don’t know his vision. I’m just against a mandate to tell anyone where to live.

It sounded similar. He was/is against on campus living requirements and I recall him citing
additional cost to students. Extrapolation on my part. I wasn’t aware you see it as a “mandate” issue too in addition to burden students with loans and debt.

It also equates to ROI that a University gets from a student , in most cases.

We are almost a century old…we SHOULD start to look and feel like a more traditional campus. For those who do NOT want that, we have satellite options for their needs.


I’m so sick of this reasoning. Go to UH downtown or HCC is a viable option? Or equating UH from the 70’s to 80’s to HCC today. Tell me where you can get an architecture degree from UHD or HCC. Silly.

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One Mayor Whitmire was enough…

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No…UH Clear Lake or the number of suburban campuses for students who do NOT want the the typical college experience

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