Sent to Oklahoma for work

What section is for the coogs? Gonna try and get tickets.


My tickets though UH put me in section 22

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Bought mine through UH and they put is in section 233. On OU’s stadium seating chart, it says that section 233 and 234 are the designated visiting team sections


Title is correct.
Nobody “goes” to Oklahoma, one gets “sent” to Oklahoma.


Section 22

Try being ‘exiled’ to north Alabama for work!

North Alabama is beautiful.

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Perhaps you did something at work that deserved the punishment?

It is quite beautiful here with true 4 seasons and yes I got old and it was a way to remove me from the payroll. Company never expected a 60 year old native Texan to pull up stakes and head to Roll Tide / War Eagle country. Now retired and planning our departure - heading back to God’s country, Texas! Forever thankful I stumbled upon Coogfans to keep up with my Coogs - C/O 1978.