Serious question

How did Trump grab the Republican Party (particularly the ones running for president :face_holding_back_tears:) totally by the balls?

I can’t imagine why anyone would support such a verifiably disgusting criminal facing soooooo many legal issues, not only now but his whole life. What gives? :man_shrugging:


He appealed to their deepest darkest beliefs.


He was the first to tactically weaponize social media to connect with voters and build his base, he made it OK to share the hatred/bigotry/racism openly. He ran a campaign no one had run before and when others tried to get in the gutter with him all the managed to do was get covered in mud. He didn’t stick to facts, just coming up with catchy slogans or nicknames that resonated. His data showed his base did not want facts, policy or even a political agenda. His base revels in grievance and he delivered. Add to it the media not knowing how to cover or lacking the ability to fact check him in real time and as a result just amplified his rhetoric. Lastly, he had a weak field of candidates in the primaries and he picked them off one by one.


CgrBkr with the most factual post on Coogfans ever.


And during the few moments that we have left
We want to talk right down to earth
In a language that everybody here can easily understand

Look in my eyes
What do you see?
The cult of personality

I know your anger, I know your dreams
I’ve been everything you want to be
Oh, I’m the cult of personality


What’s crazy to me is you have all these hillbillies in the South treating him like the messiah…if he was just a normal Yankee it’s someone they would ordinarily loathe…but he let it be known he was a racist and all his flaws went out the window.


“he made it OK to share the hatred/bigotry/racism openly.”

How should he have went about his deep views, instead of openly?

How about not be a bigot, racist, or pedal fear. In the past that would have been the end of a political career/campaign but not anymore, the MAGA base loves it and it is destroying the GOP.


But The USA was built on racism and genocide. It only makes sense to have a President that has like views. Racism will always be apart of human experiences until it is not anymore.


Hey Ken, or 3rd Ward—what do you prefer?

“I’m a cop”and I’m “in uniform” , what is the point you are trying to make? Is there one?

The barrage of Obama haters found an ally with the “birther” lie and bigotry. Anything goes after that and it did.

This TDS bs another is form of their ignorant, true projection of their derangement and obsessed hatred of Obama that was unending.


So being a bigot and a racist at the very minimum is not a deal breaker for you? Are you saying you agree with racist and bigoted ideas?


Guess Biden grabbed you by the balls? He supposedly got 81m votes. Totally normal behavior. Pedocrat party smh gross

He basically didn’t and still generally doesn’t condemn hate and racism and such bigotry. Why is that a problem? It emboldens and legitimizes the racists.

We all know we can’t pretend this stuff exists but there is no reason we have to accept it in society.


The party that you belong to:


The entire “fake news” campaign was brilliant. He knew he’d have to discredit the mainstream media because of his history from the previous almost 40 years (early 80s) of all sorts of crimes. Everything from housing discrimination to financial fraud, tax fraud, sexual assault. Not paying employees for their work.

Old white conservatives loved it, considering the “liberal” media loves to point out the history of our racist country. As if pointing it out or condemning it means the ancestors of slave holders are racist today. I mean sure, many of their families may have profited off it, but what’s a little head start in this race we call life, right?


Hitler used the same tactic…he called them the lying press.




That song rocks.