Seriously worried about PVA&M

Gonna be tailgating all day, eating who knows what, drinking unknown quantities of this and that and the bathrooms in TDECU aren’t air conditioned. Nothing worse than sitting in a sauna trying to release the kraken. Has me worried that’s all.


I’ve had to point my toes the wrong way in a TDECU stall a time or two. Luckily they’ve all been later in the year with cooler temps. I always hit the business or education building before making my way in.

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Imagine having to go to the restroom :restroom: when you’re sitting in the upper deck :persevere::triumph:


I don’t have to imagine it, I live it


Carnys scare me.

I’m section 310. Those stairs keep my beer consumption in check.

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Wear a Depends


I thought about a stadium buddy but it wouldn’t go with shorts.

When its hot, cold beer just makes me hotter. The only things that really work for me are water, smart water, and Gatoraid. Sadly, alcohol doesn’t help me a bit.

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It shouldn’t be that hot, the humidity has been much lower this week.

It isn’t humid in my oven, but you can still cook stuff. People not acclimated to the heat can get into serious health problems.



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game starts at 7 and all the report say it will be in the 80’s by that time.


Do you mean the score will be in the 80s?

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Naaa, errbody would just think you are a gradiate of a major university, smart and all that !

Yea 89.

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Worked for that one lady astronaut a few years back.

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Texas /LSU temp 98 degrees at kick off.