Seth Davis

Has Coogs at #3.


up is down, right is left, water is dry, sand is wet


Don’t throw beer bottles at me but that man is on crack or is a true schizo.


That is crazy with what we have lost. Probably did that so he can go on and on about “how far UH has fallen” when(If) we lose a few with a very thin back court.

I have seen plenty of wet sand.

Just think…we are 3 points away from being ranked #1 tomorrow

I’ll take it! I think Seth really came around during the NCAA tournament last year. He has been nothing but complimentary ever since and consistently voted our Coogs higher than most this year.

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I think he came around with Bama idk why. I think he said we wouldn’t be competitive at all in that game or something like that and we obviously got robbed

Hyping up Wisconsin’s win. That’s all.

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Didn’t he have us unranked when Sasser and Mark first got hurt ??

Idrc if we’re at 3 so he can hype up Wisconsins win cause if this was 2019 he’d unrank us after the Hofstra game lmao

No that was some other guy….Fuller? Dropped us out and then the next week put us back in at around #17….Davis has held solid.

I don’t think we are the 3rd best team in the nation because of all the injuries. But if we had not had those injuries this could have been a national championship team.

Next year though…


Here is what he said:
“It is pretty remarkable that Houston keeps winning despite all its injuries, although it might say more about the overall weakness of the AAC. I’m not going to drop the Cougars until they lose, especially since their metrics are off the charts. They’re No. 3 in the NET, No. 2 on BartTorvik and No. 5 on KenPom. They deserve every benefit of the doubt.”


Actually 5 points… We lost by a total of 3. Having 3 more points would “tie” the two we lost. Need 2 more to actually win those. 3+2=5.

Just sayin


Sad when Seth Davis offers more respect than some of our fans

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