Seth Romero drafted 25th by the Nationals

For all the trouble he had in Houston and all the headaches he caused, I truly hope he gets his act together and succeeds in the majors. I think it was Bubba Maxwell who brought up on one of the Pawdcasts that Romero’s name will forever have “the University of Houston” attached to it; won’t hurt to have him make it.

It was almost foreordained the moment Seth Romero was kicked off the Houston Cougars team that he’d end up a National. Romero lost some weight last winter and looked like a top ten pick on stuff before his behavior became the lead story. It’s not a great delivery though and he may end up a reliever.
-Keith Law

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Probably the stupidest take; come on Kendall :disappointed:

Learned what lesson, causing headaches for three years, getting booted off your college team, and still got drafted in the 1st round where he’ll make a large sum of money? Good lord, I’m not wishing ill will on Romero, but I doubt he really gives 2 craps about what happened based on his actions.


Another AAC draft pick, the only other one from Day one:

From a pro scout that met with him the day before he was kicked off the team, he had not learned any lessons to that point. Let’s hope the dismissal jarred some sense of accountability into him and he’s successful, but it was a risky pick by the Nats.

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Extremely risky pick by Nats. Way too high in the draft for what has been very public off field news the last 2 years.

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Given how many “second chances” Romero was given and still couldn’t act like an adult, I’m thinking the Nationals are just plain stupid. I’m all for second chances, but when those become third, fourth and fifth chances and it still doesn’t work, it sounds like the Nationals are the ones that need to learn some lessons.

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Good luck with that! I’m fairly certain Todd Whitting demanded the same thing.

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Seth deserved everything he got in terms of getting kicked off the team and all that came with that. But I wish the kid the best and hope he can grow into as good of a man as he was a pitcher of the baseball for us. I mean I would think all of us would want that to happen, but some of y’all would rather sit on a message board and take shots.

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Seth’s got a hell of an agent:

Former University of Houston lefthander Seth Romero agreed to a contract with the Washington Nationals on Friday, just hours before the deadline for draft picks to sign.

Romero, the No. 25 overall pick in the Major League Baseball draft, reportedly received a $2.8 million signing bonus, which is about $300,000 above slot value for the pick.

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Perhaps I missed it, but what’s the word on Cumbie?

He and Ullom will be our aces next year…

He and Coldiron didn’t sign so both will be back.

Good to hear!

I was thinking about this season’s finish and remembered last year had the rally after Seth was dismissed. I did a quick check to see how this was working out for the Nationals. Looks like they are trying to correct any issues early on. Hope it works out for him. Hate to waste an opportunity:


“A person familiar with the situation said the Nationals have outlined a list of things the 22-year-old must do to earn his way back into a minor league clubhouse. He is doing his best to comply

Hope spring eternal but so far Seth doing his best has not come close to working out.