Sexual Assault charges against former Baylor LB Chatman dismissed

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What does this have to do with UH football?


Baylor’s rapey history, particularly as it pertains to the Briles’ family and some posters’ suggestions that one of them be re-hired here, has been a recurring theme on this board.

Has it not?


You were not required to open a post you obviously didn’t want to read. Why do you think you should tell others what they should or should not read or question what they should or should not post? There have been tons of posts and banter about the sexual assault charges of BU players on this and other UH boards, so obviously there is ample interest to justify such a post as the one that originated this thread.


Looks like briles is being exonerated one case at a time.

Bring back briles and bring on miles !

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Put the crack pipe down. Briles will never work for UH again. Too many people on this board will ensure that.

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Make it a poll. That function exists.

Would you ever accept Art Briles back at UH?
  • Yes
  • No

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So far a unanimous no.

No it’s not the vote is 6-4, unanimous would be 10-0.

Doesn’t mean he is innocent, I assume it was hard to convict so many years after the incident. Even if he is, Baylor still covered up a potential rape/sexual assault for two years and it was one of many incidents that Briles ignored.

Reminder of what happened:
"Police went to the woman’s house the night of the alleged assault in April 2013, after her friends called 911 believing that she’d been attacked. Observations by officers at the scene and a rape exam at a hospital revealed bruises, a bite mark and scratches, and witnesses told police they believed they had heard, from downstairs, noises indicative of an assault.

But the woman declined to press charges because she was too drunk to remember exactly what happened, and Waco police suspended the investigation. Baylor officials did not investigate the incident for more than two years, despite the school’s obligation under federal law to immediately address allegations of sexual violence involving students"


As a felony prosecutor I’ll remind you that absent a conviction, a defendant is entitled to a presumption of innocence.


Yeah, in the eyes of the court. Even guys like the Boston Marathon bomber get that presumption of innocence. Now me, as part of the general public, sure as hell would have never used the word innocent in relation to him. Good for our justice system to be run that way for sure, but doesn’t mean somebody not convicted didn’t commit the crime.


The surviving Boston Marathon bomber was convicted, so the presumption no longer exists for him.

But given the absence of a conviction in THIS case…the defendant’s presumption of innocence remains.


Cool. The guy may have still committed a crime. Regardless, Baylor still covered it up for two years and Briles ignored it.


And this was Briles fault?

Regardless of what did or didn’t happen at BU the way he left UH was classless


Speaking of coaches leaving, I honestly think if a football coach does what Sampson has done and just stay and build, they can have the same level of success in football as Sampson is having in basketball.

The pieces are there (recruiting base, facilities, administrative support), someone just has to put the pieces together and then build on it.

I hope it is Dana. If not Dana, it will be someone.


I still want to know when the hell is the NCAA going to get off that butts and do something about Baylor’s total lack of institutional control over their football program all the way up to the presidents office and their total lack of a Title 9 program.

Again, where is the NCAA?

So is that also true of Bill Cosby? What about OJ Simpson?

As a lawyer, I presume you know that “not guilty” and “innocent” are explicitly not synonyms, right?

The only thing that makes sense to me is if Baylor used their large endowment to not only pay large sums of hush money to the victims but to the NCAA also. I can understand the victims taking the money, but not the NCAA.

Plus, we should never forget that the NCAA did nothing to punish Baylor for one of the greatest abuse of student athletes and students in collegiate sports history with an out of control football program and players where the football program, AD, administration to the president’s office along with a non-existent Title IX Program did nothing to protect abused young women.

Absolutely shameful by the NCAA with an AD program that has two massive issues in 20 years.