Shadrach Banks

could be home sick

Texas A&M Aggies early enrollee Shadrach Banks enters the transfer portal - Good Bull Hunting

Oh… Sounds like UH would be a perfect fit given how they lack WR depth according to Dana.

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WTF? He just got there

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Dude has RB thick legs at WR… great throw me the ball in space guy.

Oh, he’s really special

Agree, he is a special talent

RWcoog hit it correctly, Shadrach Banks is a special talent and the real deal. I go to a great deal of high school football games and this kid can play. He’s an elite player. I’d take him.
Everyone has a reason to transfer and I respect that. A lot of sour grapes on Aggies board.

check out the TexAgs board thread on this guy, apparently showed up weighing around 250 pounds? sheesh

No he didn’t. He was early enrollee right after his season ended. He came back in Jan for the TD Club and was a rock.


Smart enough to realize and admit to himself that College Station is a mistake?


College Station is a tough place for a lot of folks - A&M overdoes it on facilities just to keep them motivated but unless you understand Ag culture it’s an uphill battle for someone not brought up like that

That is false!


That’s Ag Cult justifying in their mind why he’s not good enough for Jimbo…Come Home young man :slight_smile:

Any indications he’s interested in the Coogs or that Coog Coaches are pursuing him?

would he be a better bet than Epps?
Texas TE Malcolm Epps entering NCAA transfer portal

Yes he would.

yes he is interested in the coogs


This would be in my opinion a bigger recruiting win than even Alton. This guy is a freak of nature. Not to mention same logic aggies had of opening the door for more northshore kids to come.

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We need to open up that North Shore pipeline. Who was the last player we had from there? Emeke Egbule?


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