Shaka to Marquette

He read the writing on the wall.


I think he’ll do much better there than he did at UT. He’s a really good coach, but succeeding at UT is really difficult to do. I always loved watching his VCU teams, so I was sad to see him go to UT where I would have to actively root against him.


everyone at texas about to hit the portal


At UT, it’s never the coach, it’s the culture


So UT and Oklahoma are both open right now. A lot of shakeup still to happen with coaches and players.


They pretty much asked him to put his name out through his Agent , so they wouldn’t have to pay very large buy-out. Both sides come out ok.

Told ya! He had the perfect storm at UT this past season. It was wise for him to move to another school. Plus, Texas will always be a football :football: school.

The roster wasn’t going to be very good next year. Losing Greg Brown(who isn’t ready) and Kai Jones to the NBA.

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thanks for telling us! Whew you saved us all :smile: :grin:

Not all heroes wear capes! :blush:

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hmmm. But you know you told us nothing. hehe

Would we even be interested in anything Texas has? Lol


I’ll take Sims!

Will Beard take the job when they come after him?


courtney ramey at pg…and jericho sims at center are 2 that we’d definitely be interested in

Yes…he’s a UT alum. I think it will be a perfect fit for both sides. They want the UH/TT style of intensity…he wants to coach at his alma mater.

Of course it all could end up being the UT mirage of recent days.

Just ask Strong, Herman, & Smart.

Dang, I was half hoping SMU or Cincinnati would make a reach out to him

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I’m not worried about CKS going to UT. I would be more worried about OU opening up but thank God that’s not an option. Go Coogs!