Shasta 7 is Here!


How did you get that lucky?

Whoa there - it’s just a picture. :flushed:

Must…resist…cougar jokes…


Thank you for a great post !
Go Shasta 7 !

I’ve met her several times. My mom was a professor for 20 years and Renu would always come to the Faculty tent before kickoff and hangout. She’s so awesome.



So my 3 month old daughter was there today. I couldn’t get a good pic because of how cold it was and the the media for the unveiling. She makes gen 5 to see a Coogs game and now she’ll get to grow up seeing Shasta VII at the zoo several times a year. My great grandfather took my grandfather to see a Coogs game in 1957 where they met Shasta I. Pretty darn special.


How old is he/she?

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Both male cubs were estimated to be four weeks old when found in late October, so maybe close to 5 months now?

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Cool….thank you.

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Man, look at size of those paws

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And you know what they say about the size of a Cougar’s Paws.

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There is a large spce right next to Cougar Woods ding hall be pefecf to build a huge habitat for Shasta alot bigger one has at zoo. There are big tress can buid into the habitat. The habitat can be a satelite partnership for the Houston Zoo between the zoo letting them take care of the animal and UH and be a great marketing for the zoo. Its time to build a great habitat that is way better then the no so big one at the zoo and finally have Shasta back living on Campus. If Memphis and LSU can do it so can we.


I need to go visit the zoo just bc of these new cougars

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The zoo has gotten soo expensive! Getting to amusment park like prices. That is why it be nice for the zoo and UH to make a partnership and builf a cougar habitat on the UH campus for Shasta and a Sasha.

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The last several months have been a whirlwind for the little guy. Just the other day, he was roaming the backwoods of Washington state and next thing he knows, he is getting fed lavish zoo food at regular times and people keep calling him Shasta. He’s still trying to figure it all out. Lol


How old are you? 12?

  1. I meant to say my great uncle who was 14 in 1957. My grandfather was 18 when my mom was born in 1950, so now you can see how we got here.
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I’m here for them…