Shead — Out At Least One Week, Maybe Two


Better than I was expecting based on my experiences with sprains.


So for sure he is missing USF and ECU. Probably misses at UCF. Then we have Tulane at home and at Cincy. Having him back for Cincy would be great.


I have sprained mine playing basketball many times in my early 20s and it was normally a 1-2 week deal before I got back on the court.

Best we could have hope for . Need win these 2 at Home for the week.


Y’all are lucky i could never fully run on my sprains until after a month. Always felt pain and like i was galloping. Would tape, wrap, and ice but no faster recovery.


UCF and Tulane are going to be tough without Shead. Would be anyway and the lineup will be tired by then.

That’s the best news we could had gotten.

Why are we lucky you couldn’t do all those thgs. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grin::smiley:.
I kidd I kidd!

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I was saying the guys who were out max 2 weeks are lucky. Shead and we are lucky he has such a good medical staff. If only my ankles could keep up with me lol

I knew. Hehe

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I’m in on the over.

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I’m going with the under.


That’s good news.

That means it was between moderate & severe! Smart move by John Houston to get him in a boot & crutches right away! The first few days are a big deal in recovery!

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I would lean more towards minor to moderate but pretty much the best news we could’ve hoped for in this case.


Not if he is going to be out two weeks!

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1-2 weeks indicates not severe. We can hold him out as long as we want.

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sampson gives a more depressing response in the coaches show than the morning presser


He later said that he won’t be playing for the next 2 weeks. Hopefully that 2 weeks ends on the 28th!