Sheila Jackson Lee is running for Mayor

Not sure if “let the fire staff” is a good way to kick off a campaign.

This, uh…probably won’t go great, I imagine.

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Just no.

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Just when you didn’t think it can get worse … Another grifter.

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I thought you liked grifters, @firstandten. Will she leave her Congressional seat though is what I wonder.

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Hard pass on Lee, but sneaky smart move to try and clear the primary field. Name ID means so much in primaries in terms of money and momentum.

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Except the city elections are non-partisan so there are no primaries.

Fair point, but it still will help clear some of the field. Especially from the democrat side.

Just the grifters that say what he likes.


Sheila will not be good for the city. Turner is okay and I voted for him but Sheila no.

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Uhg. Pass.

She has the most name recognition, which means she won’t need to raise as much money as say Chris Hollins. Besides, she still has her congressional seat if she loses the mayor’s race. From KHOU article:

According to The Texas Tribune, the early frontrunner has been state Sen. John Whitmire. His competitors include Chris Hollins, the former Harris County Clerk; Robert Gallegos, a member of the Houston City Council; Gilbert Garcia, former chairman of the city’s Metropolitan Transit Authority; and Amanda Edwards, a former City Council member.

I think she would be great for UH.


In terms of understanding city government, Gallegos, Ada Edwards or Chris Hollins would lead the pack. I don’t have a candidate yet, just pointing out a few things that’ll come up in the campaign nobody will pay attention to. :rofl:

Whitmire, like Turner, is well-connected in the legislature. In the end, people will vote for the name they know even if they have zero idea about policies. HPD, HFD, and basic city services will be the main issues. Maybe low-cost housing sneaks in there somewhere. Party is totally irrelevant running city government. Just get the choice right.

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Don’t forget potholes.

Potholes fall under basic city services, but it is what we notice the most. Sixteen council members and an elected Controller figure that stuff out.

Only issue she might stop gentrification in the UH area. We need that area to improve and become what it can be bc it’s good for UH and the last area ripe for it.

People will want someone that’s tough on crime…we’re on our way of becoming Austin…Lib run cities

How would she do that if elected?

“Let the fire start now.” - We must just pray she’s being metaphoric.

I never dreamed I’d ever hear myself say this, but here goes: I hope Whitmire wins the election.

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