Sheila Jackson Lee is running for Mayor

She could make it a historic district to not let changes happen in that area. She did mention she was against gentrification in the 3rd ward over the yrs.


Is it really John Whitmire v. SJL???

Anyone else in the race???

That’s like asking people whether they would rather be shot or hung.

Glad I live in Katy.

Whitmire would be better overall vs sheila for the city.

This old building had no one in it yet shelia was fighting to save it. It was empty and falling apart with drug users in it. This is what sheila will do to stop 3rd ward development. She will protest new developments in the 3rd ward as mayor. Sylvester didn’t interfere with progress as much.

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With our lack of zoning laws, do we even have such a designation that prevents changes? That was what I was really asking. What actual tools does the Mayor and council have for this besides a bully pulpit?

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My brother is in real estate and we actually talked about this topic this morning. He has investors buying in the areas mentioned in the following links he sent me.

Sigh! The one thing she and I agree on is an opposition to the expansion of the 45 N freeway, although we have different reasons. Perhaps I should start another thread about this.


We don’t have zoning but sheila could raise issues like if a developer wanted to buy up land along Scott for an Heb and retail development. Sheila is best at our current job bc it doesn’t affect us much. If she was mayor it would really hurt our city bc houston is so huge it’s like a state with a big economy and we need good mayors. Sylvester was good to ok and I voted for him all the times I could bc he wanted light rail where others didn’t. I just think if sheila is mayor she will raise a stink on 3rd ward development somehow , someway even it’s it protesting each new development move. Whitmire sucked in stoping khator’s wish for freshmen being made to live on campus but I think he’s better for our city. Houston if a country would be tops economically and as a state top 15 bc of pop. It’s a big deal to have a good mayor here. Sheila will mess things up so she needs to stay in congress.

Sheila won’t be a friend of UH but a friend of the 3rd ward fighting against improvements there. I’m 100% sure.

You’re 100% sure she won’t be a friend of UH?

What really would solve both issues for UH would be let Scott st improve and maybe a little up to 59 then let the rest stay the same if in comes to that. Then everyone can be happy.

Yes bc she’s all about not letting that area gentrify like all the other areas. You will see if she’s elected. She has no ties to UH.

You don’t know that 100%. You can’t.

Also sheila can run this city. New Orleans which I’m from has a similar mayor and it’s a disaster with high crime. Sheila needs to stay where she is. Vote for whitmire if you care about our city.

Ok vote that way and you will see. She’s mainly about protesting things of progress keeping things the way they are. She will not be a friend of UH and that area in the way it needs to progress naturally according to development. She will single handling stop that area’s natural growth. It’s unfair in that other areas where allowed to progress like east end and other wards.

She will stop 3rd ward growth , you will see.

From the context of your post, I’m sure you meant RUIN, not run. In that case, I absolutely agree.

yes ruin lol sorry.

I’m not saying I would vote for her (I wouldn’t if I lived in Houston). I’m just saying you can’t know that 100%.

New Orleans has a mayor like her who is never there on vacation in Europe and she hugged a criminal in trial that killed people bc he was 15. There is a recall to get her out of office bc most agree she’s not doing a good job. Sheila will ruin this city bc she’s too focused on things that hurt progress where as Turner didn’t stop gentrification etc. I voted turner every time so it’s not a race issue but what I know about sheila. If your ok for UH to wait another 10 yrs for that area to progress then vote her way but I’d rather not.