When was the last time we hit a shot like that ?

I don’t know that we’ve had one in recent history. The team needed a shot of good luck and Sasser/Mark provided it. Memphis was far tougher at the FC than I expected. The SHOT should be a good memory for. Coogfans for years to come.


even after that shot our luck metric by KenPom ranks 223. So that should tell you how often we get shots like that.


Why? Have you watched Memphis play, especially the last month or so?


Why what?

Memphis has been playing well for a while now!

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Probably a long time. I remember Dominic Smith hitting one at the end of a game to beat Rice many moons ago.

He played between 2000-2002.

Happy birthday to me!


I was expecting Memphis to play like their lives depended on winning that game, and indeed, their NCAA tourney life may have. It looks like we will probably face them again on the 13th in a rematch – assuming we both take care of business in our earlier games.

I expect them to play just as hard next time; but I expect us to play better.


To see a shot as important as this I think you have to back to the late '70s when Cecil Rose helped beat top ranked Arkansas with a buzzer beater from top of the circle…we beat Texas the next night in the Summit to win the SWC tourney.
Other than that this was perhaps the most dramatic buzzer beater in my Cougar life time…
I never dreamed Sasser could bounce a pass to midcourt and then Mark pick the ball up and shoot between two defenders.
And remember Memphis had a foul to give…


i dont think we’ve had a 3pt game winner in the samspon era (with the clock running out)… rob did have a layup game winner vs sdsu


I saw us beat a$m corpus in 2012 by 2 , to go 5/0, but I can’t remember the details of last play that won it . I did speak to Coach Dickey about it once and he explained the play in detail to me , that was pretty cool …

I doubt Penny knew that or told the team ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy Birthday to the Oracle.

If they foul there is a chance its during a shot. If its clean then you just gave us the ball at half court. An easier pass. I don’t think you foul in that situation

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If he told his team, they certainly didn’t listen to him. If he didn’t tell them, a big mistake by Penny.

Why would you foul there? Their player said he was trying not to foul

CBI tournament in 2013 against UT? House hit the winning 3 with Young getting an assist.

We did beat right one year on a three from half court but it doesn’t feel the same when you aren’t playing for as much.