Should Biden just cancel the SOTH

Failure on top of failure


I am worse off

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I’m not worse off but I don’t expect my situation to be anyone else’s.

I also don’t blame the president for when things go wrong or credit them when things go right for me.


Same, I’m not worse off either but none of that has to do with the President. We had this very discussion on another thread:

I know my situation isn’t everyone’s situation either.

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dems answer to biden’s economy.
I CAN NEITHER CONFIRM OR DENY that we are worse off.

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“With 3.4% unemployment we are no longer at full employment but over-employed what a mess Biden has created!” - said by someone unironically somewhere lol


Amazing to see supposedly intelligent people come on this site and admit they’re failures. But we knew already.

I mean yes… But for none of the reasons that would be discussed from our usual suspects. But because it’s become a pointless exercise that actually does nothing to talk about the State of the Union and it’s instead a just a layout of an agenda, that would just be easier to do as a PowerPoint, as well as the most boring of campaign speeches.

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The unemployment numbers are good, but that’s only part of the story. The labor force participation rate is still lower than before the pandemic.


That’s a big meh to me.

So your bills did not go up?

No, my cost of living went down moving from CA.

In any case, my income went up much more than inflation since January 2021.

Congrats. But just think how much more you would have had with a normal rate of inflation

Doesn’t mean I’m worse off.

And if I’m blaming Biden for inflation, shouldn’t I credit him for the job market that’s helping my pay go up like it is?

The answer for me is he gets minimal credit or blame for either. I don’t blame my success or lack thereof on the president. That’s on me. I also don’t think they are as important to the economy as some make them out to be.


So you had to move and that’s your Metric…really?

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Read the entire post dude. :roll_eyes:

And I didn’t “have to move.”

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You can’t just cherry-pick one labor metric and ignore others.