Should UH be looking to add a female coach?

After reading this article, I wonder, should UH be looking to add a female coach? Dr. Khator has shown what a strong woman leader can do for UH. Why not make an effort to develop women in the football coaching world?

If so I think basketball is a better fit. The Spurs have a female assistant, I think she’s still there. My only logic is women play basketball in larger numbers and at a very high level so their knowledge of the game would translate.

I do think a woman could coach and I’d have no problem with it.

I don’t have any issue with a female coach if she’s qualified and the right fit.

Major’s wife might have issues with it.


Im all for it!!

What are the qualifications for a college assistant coach? Usually they would have played football and have a degree. I’m not familiar with any women football league except the Legends Football League that plays during superbowl week. I suppose they could qualify as long as they wore clothes on the sideline. :blush:

Call me old school, but I’m more interested in a coach’s qualifications than what set of reproductive organs he/she has.


Yes but how does one get to be qualified if no one will hire you because of your gender?

How many girls play high school football in Texas? I don’t follow it that well, but hear news stories from time to time. If I had to guess, I’d guess maybe 10 girls across Texas played this year, could that be right?

Yeah, but, what about the “me too” movement. She might lose her mind with all those strong gents in there…are Coach / Player relationships allowed…or would that be considered being “teachers pet”???



This came out of left field. Uh , no!


What about a man who identifies as a woman? Does that count?




Maybe we should be trying to hire some confused whack job that wants to use the women’s restroom. Dumbest crap thread ever.


For qualifications it’s probably same as with a man, minus the playing experience. Start coaching middle school or high school and work your way up the ladder. Prove your worth.

Do most college assistant coaches work their way up from middle school or HS?

no, most work their way up from college grad assistant

That was mostly rhetorical but yeah… agree.

No,no,no…a birth girl or woman… Not manufactured…or factory built.

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You show us a single instance where a male grad applicant was chosen over a female grad then we can start that discussion.

Questions that should be answered before jumping to conclusions
Are there any female physical education majors showing interest in being a grad assistant for a college football team. If the answer is no, end of discussion.
If the answer is yes, does the current ratio of male to female grad assistant applicants approximately correlate with the ratio currently working. If yes, end of discussion.
If no, is the ratio more in favor of male assistants or female assistant in regards to applications. If the answer is female, end of discussion. If the answer is male, then yes it might be a good idea to seek out a female assistant grad in the near future.

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