Should UH go full woke? Do what the Dodgers did?

Pepper just follows Q and tries to bully everyone into his beliefs in the name of “educating”. Why he does it here instead of looking for a basement in pizza places, hard to say. It is obvious Pepper doesn’t want to (or is incapable) have an actual discussion. His only joy must be coming here and talking about pedos, trannies, and such. Then occasional posts in Baseball. He really needs to seek help with his obsessions and his sexual fantasies of us all in drag or giving each other lap dances.

Pepper we all hope you find and get the help you need. It can’t be easy living in your perpetual state of (selective) outrage. Take care of yourself.


This is what this board has become. Time to flush the toilet.


Sick pedocrats, Bye bye black vote

The theory still holds

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Aww did you get triggered? Why haven’t one of you dems condemned the grooming of kids? That is basically what the democrat party is all about. Do you look at the democrat party as your religion? Democrat party threw out God from the start. Kinda like a cult. When that lady, who was pretending to be a man, murdered those kids not one democrat showed any kind of sadness towards the kids or their parents. Shasta 1st thing was worrying about his make believe trans twitter friends.

Proving my thesis over and over.

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@Itcoog , I won’t respond to the toilet dweller above, but this is nonsense. Do you want a board or not?

EDIT: If you need another moderator, @rtcoog or others seem to be up for it. We need to get rid of the trash.

EDIT#2: I’ve been told that @CoogFansAdmin is the proper call out. Either way, this garbage human is ruining the board. It’s pretty easy to flush the toilet.