Shout out to Jeremy Branham and Kevin Eschenfelder

We are so fortunate in Houston to have some of the best play-by-play announcers. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to some basketball games on the radio and Jeremy Branham is top-notch! I also enjoy listening to Kevin Eschenfelder do play-by-play for UH football, and also his work with the Astros.

I won’t criticize or name some of the other P-B-P announcers from other Universities, but Houston doesn’t take a back seat to anyone when it comes to great announcers.


Welcome to Coogfans Mr. Eschenfelder! Good to hear from you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Both of those guys are the real deal and I enjoy the post game shows after I leave either event or catch it on the radio.


I strongly agree w Branham assertion. He’s top notch. On Esch I’ve heard much better on Coogs Football radio call over the years. I was partial to Tom Franklin for his good run.


We are so very lucky. These 2 guys are national media level sportscasters. I can’t believe Houston has kept them around. Additionally, we have fellow named Gerald Sanchez who shares UH baseball with Jeremy who is also top notch.


I agree regarding Branham but not so much on Esch.

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Still miss Tom Franklin but the new guys are good.


Jeremy and Kevin are great. We’re fortunate to have both of them.

I’m old school and the voice of the Coogs that I remember as a young fan and grad was Art Casper.


Last paragraph a 10. I was going to mention Art Casper one of my all time favorites. Harry Kalas did Coogs for couple yrs also. Very few gms were on TV , so you listened on Radio like I started to in late 60s as a preteen. #Memories

I remember listening to Art Casper and Carl Mann during the Hayes/Chaney era as a kid. I still think they were the best broadcast team for basketball we ever had. I also remember listening to Gene Elston call Cougar football in those days. I will say he was a great baseball broadcaster.


Best announcers since Yeoman??? :laughing:

He is in the Hall of Fame for coaching… Not announcing.