Show Trial

I wonder why this video was not shown at the show trial?

Um, this video doesn’t make trump look good, at all.

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More evidence that the attackers were there because they were listening to Trump.
Not sure I’d want to present that on his behalf.

Oh yeah, @firstandten , there is a poll still open on this message board waiting for you to
show how you have processed all the latest news. Or not.


It shows they didn’t listen to him and that this guy was railroaded by the justice department.

Yeah, that’s what I mean.

Trump could have said this as soon as they breached the capitol and had a similar impact. He didn’t though. He chose to wait while his advisors begged him to step in. This is a very bad look for him.

So what? The guy did stuff in the capitol. It doesn’t matter that he did this at the end of it. He had already committed crimes.

In any case, none of what you just said has anything to do with the “show trial.” Nice pivot though.


It appears that they are outside the capital in this video

Anyone convicted was part of a real trial, with a real jury, with a real verdict and guess what real consequences for breaking the law.

Trumpers really believe in rule of law or the law is just for show and it only applies to those they don’t like?



I assumed show trial was talking about the select committee. If it was about the actual trial, pretty gross.

Maga had proved they don’t care about law and order. They only care about the laws they like for the people they care about.

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Full disclosure, I didn’t waste my time watching the video. But can you imagine the mental gymnastics required to think you’re a true patriotic American while simultaneously defending random people you don’t know who broke into the Capitol in an attempt to overthrow the US government?


As Marlon Wayans put it… Kind of seems a lot like watching the 9/11 planes take off and say, “See everything is fine look at that takeoff.”


If the 9/11 hijackers were white MAGA fans protesting the election, would firstandten be a member of the 9/11 fan club? I’m not saying he would, but I’m not saying he wouldn’t.


There was no trial, there was a plea bargain, the procecution withheld video evidence.

Withheld evidence of what?

You’re the one that said trial, not me. So another thing you got wrong (that you will refuse to admit)?

And what evidence was withheld?

This video isn’t new. It’s been out there. His defense could have used it if they wanted.


He is just parroting what ever Tucker and the echo chamber he listens to tells.him to share.

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He obviously either didn’t listen to his own message OR that message was delivered well after the riot had started:


I strongly suspect because these videos have no time stamps, people are drawing conclusions that aren’t valid. If I killed my wife but have a video of myself two hours later at Sonic or two hours earlier at my office, it still means I killed my wife.

Buffalo boy plead guilty.


It’s this. His message was after he had already done a bunch of stuff in the capitol.

You can’t unring that bell.