SIAP But HBU beat Tech

WOW :hushed: They’re gonna be some edgy folks in Lubbock today.

This isn’t true. It almost was, but Tech eventually won 35-33.

It was also 2 weeks ago.


Was so confused by this thread. Saw something interesting though when I went to check out Tech’s schedule/news. I saw it broke this week that their top RB got arrested for street racing earlier this month, but wait for it, will still play against UT. Must be nice to get arrested and not miss a game.

Yeah…that happens to me all the time…

:neutral_face: Woke up delusional today

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Street racing is illegal in Lubbock? Man, that town is built for street racing.

Its apparently legal at Tech’s stadium and he is much faster than the UT defense!

HBU is beating La Tech right now