SIAP - How is this not perfect?

10* conference champs
2 At large

It’s that simple. Still room for a lot of chicanery (err, discussion, bias, preseason polls and bowl games) but at least everyone has a shot, no?


I’m really interested to hear why this can’t happen.

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I think it needs to be 16 teams. Top four ranked teams get a bye so that performance during the season means something …

Too many logistical problems (12 is pushing it) and too long of a season (football ain’t like any other sport) but I could live with that.

12 just looks too simple to me.

One thing is for sure. Not many like what we have now and that’s too many.

Nothing will happen until the networks agree on how to divide the pie.

10 SEC teams
2 at large

SEC fans probably


Why should Alabama/Georgia have to risk injuring their players against the champion of the worst G5 league

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Wouldn’t the pie get larger by default? IMO CFP would approach NFL $

All SEC teams automatically qualify, plus Notre Dame.

Didn’t OP say 10 conference champs + 2 at large?

Let’s just say the usual P5 suspects win their conferences pre realignment. Alabama (SEC), tOSU (B1G), Oregon (Pac12), Oklahoma (B12) and Clemson (ACC)

The only game really worth televising is the AAC champion and MAYBE the MWC champion. Every other G5 league would be crushed by P5 second stringers

They would get a bye being in the top 4. The reason we wont see all conferences get a slot is because this year it would probably set up a first round game of Cincy vs Northern Illinois or Kent State. No body is watching that. I would be fine with a rule where a conference champ with 1 loss or undefeated gets an auto bid (so UTSA or ULL could make it), but have no interest in seeing a 4 loss Kent State make it. Reality is top 6 conference champs will be the most though.

My suggestion adds at most 3 games to the schedule for a teams to win the championship. That is the same as a 12 team playoff. Where is the logistics issue?

No reason to let little minnows dictate to the whales. In other words, with all due respect, so what? Think Alabama/Oregon, Ohio State/Oklahoma, Cincinnati(or Houston :heart_eyes_cat:) /Georgia, Michigan/Michigan State rematch UTSA/anyone, see what I mean? :blush:

Implement a bye week for the lower seeded schools

Yes, that’s about the only way it would work.

The top 4 get a bye.

The other 8 play, at various campuses.

You then have a 3 week tourney, at Bowl sites.

Massive crowds and TV ratings.


Bc if we’re all being honest, not all conference champs are even remotely created equal.

I’d be ok with an 8 team. All 5 power 5 champs, the highest ranked group of 5 (doesn’t have to be champ) and 2 at large.

This will be the case at the beginning, but if there is access for all conference champions, it will raise the lower conferences up.

I just don’t like that a committee chooses who and how everything is arranged. In fact, I would like to see who these people are and what schools they are affiliated with.

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Because everyone else has to.

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-16 teams
-10 conference champs
-6 at large
-top 8 seeds host first round games
-NY6 bowls used for quarter- and semifinals
-Championship game as it is now
-other bowl games played as usual


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