Give this guy a needle and do it quick


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This is just crazy.

That is this guy’s only hope of avoiding the needle, that he’s innocent by reason of insanity (if that’s still a thing).

What else could make someone do this.

I really don’t give a damn if you’re “insane”, or not, when you commit these types of acts of violence AND you get convicted of it… You should get the death penalty.

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Well, I don’t doubt insanity causes people to act in ways a sane person would never consider. That being the case, they should be put away in a rubber room for the rest of their lives.

I’ll do it for free….no needle necessary

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It’s stuff like this that keeps me believing there are things one can do that forfeits your right to breath.


Bet that’s the last time she uses the excuse that she has a headache.

Too soon?