Sickening Sight on Zoom- Football Related

Today I was training an old timer that works for me how to use Zoom on a meeting. You all likely know click here, click there.

When we were in person he was my go to guy but he is a little older and needed some help. I have been fully back in the office since about last February.

He had a meeting with an adversary who I have known three or four years. Normally, shirt and tie. I was not paying attention because this was not my meeting just running over for click here, click there.

Then at the end we are saying goodbye and low and behold I see it.

I say to the other side: “What the hell are you wearing, is that a Longhorns polo shirt”

“Yes, I am a big fan”

Me: “Are you an Alum”

“No, I have never even been there for a game”

Now, I got to at least keep proper decorum with this fellow.

Me, “Well at least we can agree on A&M”


I’ve heard some people are just drawn to abusive relationships.



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I’ll never get this for the life of me - particularly people who went to another college - but “root for” and wear gear of a college they have no earthly relation to… I have two UH degrees - like it or not - hell or high water - that is the school I roll with.


At one of my shops in Vermont guy walks in with a Burnt Orange ugly longhorn hat and I ask, “What did you study?” And he said,”What?”
I was like, at UT? And he said, no, i didnt go there. I just wear it as a conversation starter.

I guess he likes abuse hahahaa.


How many yard and landscape workers wear TU gear! A lot.

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Biggest ut fan I know graduated from Sam Houston. My Aggie graduate friends are big fans, but the most vocal never went there.

Reminds me of a story I heard on Walton and Johnson years ago. An argument broke out in a bar in Oklahoma over ut vs ou football. The climax was ou fans attempting to castrate the ut guy. No one in the fight went to either school.


A guy at my gym wore ut gear head to toe through the summer and at the beginning of the season.
Since the Arkansas loss he comes in a white t shirt with a non logo hat.


I have identical twin brothers in law that are rabid UT fans…… they both graduated from SWT….

Wear the gear, go to the games, etc.

When they try and “ talk trash “ about UH I remind them that I graduated from the school that I support….they are also reminded my MBA is from UTSA which is a lowly feeder school from the UT system that is better than big brother….

Earlier this year I won a hundy from each of them…. The bet was on whose team would go farther in the NCAA tournament…. Bet was settled quickly :joy:


Yeah - SWT grads are the WORST at pretending they graduated from somewhere else - usually UTA. The most famous ‘teacher’s college’ grad - LBJ - even put his presidential library at UTA. Self-fullfiling prophecy - the more they pretend they aren’t SWT grads - the more they make the future grads feel ashamed into doing the same.

that is why all UH grads need to STAND UP and make sure those around you understand - you embrace your UH degree and aren’t afraid to show it and say it. That is how we grow alumni pride and the school reputation.

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I’m still pissed one President who lived in Houston put his library at college station.

Look at the low attendance compared to GW Bush and LBJ

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