Sigh. Ticket office woes

Just got my 10 tickets to the Navy game from I got tired of being unable to get through to the ticket office today. says away game tickets for non-season ticket holders were available after July 5 and provides phone (713-GO-COOGS) and email address to contact for information.

I called and got a recording that doesn’t give you the option for purchasing away game tickets and that isn’t answered by anyone if you don’t pick an option so undeterred, I call back and push numbers for any option I think will get a human. For every option I dial, I just get a recording ( that their hours are M-F 9-5 and to call back during regular business hours. This was from about noon on today. OK, so I emailed and it just gets kicked back as an invalid email address.

Good Grief.

I live in Annapolis, so at least I won’t miss the game.

I try to see any game on the East coast and attend as many bowl games as I can, but sometimes it’s damn hard to be a fan.

UH is spending millions on the stadium, millions on the coach and quite honestly that’s a good thing. It will all be for nothing if they don’t improve on customer service for the fans, however.

Sounds like a broken record to many on this board, no doubt.

Dang. That’s bad.

I wonder how many season ticket sales they’re losing because of this.

Are you people just posting the same threads on here and cougardigest at the same time?
I see I’m not missing much by not coming here.

Less trolls here that is for sure.


While I agree, the ticket office should be able to answer phones. Many people (myself included) have said that using the chat feature online gets great results. Also, email has been no problem for the ticket office either. If you can come on Coogfans to complain, you can use the chat feature on the ticket office webpage.

I just went to and tried to buy tickets for Texas State and SMU. Everything seemed fine except for one little problem: the Texas State game does not even appear!

Good grief - if they cannot even get the ticket office working, why in “H” are we paying Hunter Yuracheck? Just wait until the season draws near and people do not get their tickets on time!

Could we have sold out our allotment to Texas State?

Could be. Looks like I’ll be going the secondary market on that one.

Wishful thinking

Instead of snarkily criticizing, why don’t you start an interesting thread?


I guess you lose quality of service when you decide you no longer want to pay the sales team commission because sales are too high, and 95% of the staff quits.

Then you fire your marketing department because you didn’t hire a marketing director for 9 months and the group fails to show leadership and direction.

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OK, I posted my snarky opinions earlier, but I called the ticket office this morning and got instant service! I did get the usual voice mail answer, but I was given the choice of punching “2” if I was a season ticket holder - and a very nice guy (Jeremy) answered almost immediately.

I learned that the reason the Texas State game was not listed online was that we had sold all of our allotment of tickets for the game - as someone else had suggested; but Jeremy said they had requested and have now received an additional allotment.

He placed the order for my away tickets and is sending me a confirming email shortly. Could not ask for better service today!

Kudos to the ticket office - and Jeremy!

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I figured that was the case, sadly we’re too conditioned to expect incompetence. Though, I wonder how long it will take to put the game back up online. I would hope by the end of the day.

The problem is too many threads and your suggestion is to create MORE threads? No thanks.

Jeremy has helped me in the past with away game tix; he is really good and quite an affable fellow to boot.

Hunter just tweeted we passed 22,000 season tickets sold today. Very exciting times.

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