Single Game Tickets

I received an email today announcing presale of select single game football tickets are going on sale to season ticket holders beginning this Wednesday. Mentioned still following the 25% capacity guidelines. Sounds like less than 10,000 season tickets opted in for this year. Opted in for our 2, but fairly certain will not use them if there are games played.

I opted out… 2 reasons. I still think they might cancel and I live in NC. I’ll be back next season.

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It’s glaringly obvious that season tickets have not sold much.

I opted out…but I might buy single tickets to every game.


curious how much interest rises once/if the season starts. With diminished capacity is it a sell out at 25%?

I have had a few people ask about single tickets and I have wondered myself.

My wife said I will be insufferable if UH is playing in Houston and I am not there.

We opted out and gave the school the money, as our group could not maintain social distancing.

I didn’t renew as well after almost 15 years as a season ticket holder. Need to see what the firm schedule will be and see if it’s worth making the drive down from DFW.

I renewed, and my Cougar pals living in Houston are buying my tix…
They will absolutely be at the games.

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We rolled over the ticket money to next year. Two in our group are getting their seats and are going to see how it works for the first game. We might buy some game tickets for later in the season depending on how the whole social distancing/masks thing goes in the stadium. I doubt any of that can or will be enforced.

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Sounds like the Helton years

I have opted out this season.

I kept my tickets and increased my contribution. Whether I go to the games or not is a different story, but I know the school is still going to need the money. We can always donate the tickets.


I kept my tickets as well and plan to go.

However, we did discuss opting out this year. If we would have I still would have left the money there for the school. The department is going to need it.


I’m not sure where you got your information. I bought four season tickets with Cougar Pride. I waited a day and a half while others with more points made their season ticket selections. It was obvious to me that plenty of people were still renewing their tickets and they were all in front of me.

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I purchased my 4 and did the same with basketball


If they are announcing single game tickets, then would you not surmise that 10K season tix were not sold? 10K is the limit, is it not? I’m using mathematics and common sense. If my assumptions are incorrect, then apparently the attendance limit has been raised?

Your assumptions about a lack of season ticket sales, raised sales limits etc. are just that, assumptions. There is no way to know (as a casual fan) whether your assumptions are correct or not because the logic is flawed. For example, I went fishing in the Gulf a couple of weeks ago and did not catch any fish. Was it because there were not any fish in the Gulf? Season tickets for basketball sell out but single game tickets are also available. So no, I would not jump to the same conclusion you did.

I opted out after 20 years. I plan on going again next year. Just looked at their schedule and I don’t see many Ws on it. Tough one. Hope I’m wrong.

Guess I can look forward to buts in seats threads again on this board. We should be able to count out the folks.

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Opting in again for 48 years.I just looked at their schedule and I don’t see any L’s on it. Tough one. Hope I’m right.


If the Coogs are playing and I am physically able to, I will be there. There’s no guarantee I’ll be around next year.