Sir Ed questionable against USF!

UH defensive tackle Ed Oliver questionable vs. South Florida

Man, don’t you know that the AAC, UH and ABC WANT Oliver to play. He would be a huge talking point the whole game.

Even if he is good to go, I say rest him up until its really crucial during the game

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They will hold him out of practice and then he will play. Book it.

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The AAC are freaking morons for allowing Ed to be played the way Navy played him. Completely ridiculous to allow them to put his career in jeopardy and put their biggest star on the sideline.


Dirty bastards from Navy football. I hope that my West Point colleagues clean their clocks in December.


Sister was in the Navy and my Brother is in the Army. lol I’m definitely siding with my brother this year.

YES! We will all be Army fans that day.


No disrespect to the naval academy but ken and his navy football team is POS. Been doing chop block forever and was pretty obvious last year and this against our DL. It’s no accidents.


Huhhhh! :thinking::thinking::neutral_face::neutral_face:

I think it’s obvious we need some Ed for this game

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Cut blocks are common for the option teams. GT does this just like Navy. They are also common for the Gibbs (father of David Gibbs) version of the zone scheme that Kubiak ran with the Texans and with Denver for years. The problem arises from a LEGAL standpoint only when the defensive player is already engaged high and he gets cut. I’m pretty sure that what happened to Ed on Saturday was the result of him being engaged unexpectedly with another defender when he was cut. I doubt seriously that there was any intent to injure. Until the rules are changed to make ALL cut blocks illegal, there will be risk for the DL in games against teams that cut block heavily.

I understand people being ticked off about the injury risk, but I just don’t think Navy players and/or their coaching staff set out to hurt anybody.

It’s not about being engaged. It’s about the “chop block” being illegal if it’s not directly in front of the defender’s face. It wasn’t an accident either. If they can’t keep 300 pounds of supposedly trained offensive lineman weight off of the knee of another gigantic human being’s (meaning there is more opportunity to miss than hit him because he’s so huge) knee, then they shouldn’t be on the field. Same thing goes for those who accidentally “target”. There’s more evidence for intent than coincidence because NONE of our other D-Line linemen were chopped.

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I bet he plays. But Navy is becoming very BYUish in their play.


One of the local sports talk show hosts commented at noon today that he would not blame Ed Oliver if he decided not to play the remainder of the season due to this close call injury. I have to agree. Cheap shot or not, accidents happen in football and Oliver really doesn’t have anything to accomplish this season. He isn’t going to win the Heisman, not with the OU and Bama QB playing so well. I hope he does play, but if he sustains another close call injury or actual injury, there will be a lot of second guessing among fans, coaches and himself.


Listening to his interviews. He wants to go to a NY6 bowl can’t see him sitting if he is capable. But would not blame hime if he did.

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Hard to blame the young man if he did sit out…he stands to lose more money than most of us will see in a lifetime if he keeps getting chopped. Its been happening to him for long time.

Look at the picture. He was unexpectedly being engaged by TWO O-linemen. I guess the chop block could have been the result of the player being blocked into Ed but that is a hard one to prove.

Engaged unexpectedly? C’mon. TWO other guys had handfuls of his jersey when the other dude dove at the back of his leg.

It was a cheap shot, and it looked intentional. It was worse than most of what gets called targeting.


That won’t hunt with the conspiracy Coogs.

Somewhere in the Navy OL somebody has a relative that played for…gasp UT.

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