Sir Ed questionable against USF!

It was intentional. It’s just not supposed to be done when someone is being blocked high.

What infuriates me is the official was staring right at it and no call. How in the world does that happen?


The NCAA rule is below. When I wrote engaged I meant being blocked high by another defender. I think the NFL rule limits the players who can go low on a D lineman to the guy directly in front or immediately beside that guy.

A chop block is a high-low or low-high combination block by any two players against an opponent (not the ball carrier) anywhere on the field, with or without a delay between blocks; the “low” component is at the opponent’s thigh or below. (A.R. 9-1-10:I-IV) It is not a foul if the blockers’ opponent initiates the contact. (A.R. 9-1-10:V)

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Ken Niumatalolo considered the head coaching position at BYU in 2015 .

300+ lb. offensive linemen know exactly what they’re doing when they chop block. It’s one of the few times they put their helmets below the defender’s thigh.

It’s incredibly dangerous and should be on a level with helmet to helmet. I’ve met literally hundreds of ex football players in my life. Rarely have I met one that complains of concussion complications. Those that complain of chronic knee problems are a dime a dozen.


Sorry, just can’t bring myself to pulling for army against Navy. I’ve been pulling for Navy for about 65 years now, since we got our first TV when I was 6.

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Think about the $$ and how interested the fans are to see him. Navy is counter-productive as far as the popularity of the sport in that fans may not get to see Ed play any more on the college level.

One might wonder what Ed’s Insurance company says behind closed doors. There actually could be some incentivising going on. Why not? Ed waiting benefits the insurance company and perhaps they are willing to compensate somehow.

Now I cannot say I know that as a fact but thinking about the way the $ influences everything else in college football…

much like the holds that were never called

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That’s not a chop block. A chop is a high low. A low/cut or whatever is legal and somewhat smart because it gets the defender’s hands down on quick passes.

Ed has an insurance policy. He will play if he is able.

Ok. I always understood it as a “high-low” I guess there’s no purpose to having one word for one thing. lol

Just look at the replay…tool !

I doubt that’s its a critical injury and I hope the Questionable status brings some eyes to the chop block problem. However if its an injury that diminishes him by 10% or more, I would hold him out of the USF game and maybe the next one. I think its safe to say the west is wrapped up and we will need him for the conference championship game.

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I can’t even watch the replay without wincing. Ed’s knee looked like it was getting twisted sharply.

Absolutely would understand him not wanting to jeopardize being a top 5-10 pick at this point, no matter how badly I want him to help UH win out.

There’s no chance of this. Ed has said repeatedly he wants a NY6 win. If we hold him out of two games and we lose those 2 games, even if we go on to the CCG and win it, our chances at NY6 are greatly diminished. I’m almost certain the winner of the MWC will be ranked higher than us if we drop 2 more games this year.

I’m sure he has had agents left and right telling him to sit out the season

One of the things I love most about Ed is he doesn’t seem to be bothered by people in his ear. He knows what he wants and won’t be swayed by what others think.

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I don’t. We have 5 very lose-able games to finish the season.


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I don’t believe he’s allowed to speak to an agent unless declared and after the season.