Sleeping Giant!

The UofH is not a blue blood. We aren’t in a power conference, but we’re not an also ran. We have a rich history, but we don’t get respect because the traditional powers in the state won’t schedule us. We are a Carnegie designated Tier 1 research university, Phi Betta Kappa honor society with a medical school on the way. If players, coaches, etc… wanna use us as a stepping stone to find an alternative school fine by me because it comes with success. We want people that wanna be here. If/when we get accepted to major conference watch out because we will draw interest from the top talent in the city. Go Coogs!


We have made significant progress.

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Yes! Asi es! Great post

Agree to disagree here…we are back.

We are back. But we objectively are not a blue blood. If you compare our historical success with schools like Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, Michigan, UCLA, etc. we don’t come close.

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Being back doesn’t make us a blue blood again. I’m sorry, but you can’t have 30 years of at best mediocre to terrible seasons, then have two really good years and regain that status.

Blue blood to me means perennial power/always in conversation. You just can’t have the stretch we had and be one. No program in any sort can.


We don’t need to be blue blood just a powerhouse! Look at the teams in the final 4 only one can claim to be a blue blood.

Also I believe a blueblood has won at least 2 championships.

In football I don’t think they call Clemson a blueblood since they have only been really good consistently over the last 10 years.

Bluebloods are historical programs which UH basketball would have been if it had a couple of championships and won a lot within the last 30 years.

If we’re talking blue blood programs, then we’re talking programs like Kentucky. They’ve won 4 national championships in 40 years. One in 20 years, but they are consistently in the chase for conference and national championship titles.

Is it any coincidence that most blue blood programs belong to a major conference: PAC 12, BIG TEN, ACC, SEC, BIG 12.

Examples of blue bloods: Indiana, Michigan State, No.Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, UCLA and Kansas.

Others: Louisville, maybe Villanova.

Depending on your definition of a blue blood, I believe you have to win a NC to be considered in the conversation. Also a blue blood would imply generational success over a period of many decades. UH was a power program from 1964-1992. Were we a blue blood? No national championship.

Goose overall I agree with you. But I’d bump IU and maybe UCLA from your blur blood list. It’s been almost 20 years since IU has been relevant at all. Much like us blue bloods don’t disappear, and IU has. UCLA has had more recent success, but I think they’re in danger of being bumped into former status as well.

Its good to be relevant again. The game against Kentucky showed that we belong on the same stage. We have to get better to get to the Elite 8 level though and even better than that to get to Final Four level.

The potential is there and we trending in that direction.


So its safe to say we’re this close.

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We are close, but the wrong coach at the top can derail the thing pretty quickly.

Whether Sampson stays or not, I hope the administration looks back at 35 years of replacing coaches and not repeat the same mistakes! I dont want to be pushing 70, watching the Coogs reach the Final Four for the first time in 68 years!

I would say we already are Elite Eight level since the game could have gone in either direction at the end. If we were blown out by 20 or 10 points, I would say we have a lot of work to do to get there.


If, If, If, Sampson decides to move on, would last years coach at TSU, Mike Davis, be under any consideration for the job? Might also be able to bring his son back to the Coogs???

The problem is that people have their own individual definitions of what a Blue Blood or a P5 conference are. There is no clear cut example of either. Both are ghost stories; if there is value in your university it will eventually show. That’s all that matters.

With that understood, we are going to be a REAL problem here soon, and aggy and horn both know it.

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we just need a coach that stays after winning something big otherwise, we will continue to be called coaching school (bs pc name for stepping stone)