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You have shown your true colors. Am I surprised? Heck no, you have been terrified since the Yeoman days. The sooners whipping reminded all of you what we are capable of with THIRD TO FIFTH choice recruits. You can’t even fathom the humiliation that you will all suffer from us when we play on equal footings. At the end of the game Boren realized what the future looked like. He wanted no part of it. Remember what switzer said? Every single member of the small12 feels the same way. That includes our so called newly friends uta. Why would their leader proclaimed long live the small12 if he was our ally? He has an alternate plan? Bring it. Bring it now. As far as I am concerned uta is in the same garbage or waste water recycling plant as the other small12 members. Prove me wrong and prove me wrong quickly.
Small12 supporters this is for you. You personify the definition of the following:
Run scared
The best way to answer you today? Let us, the fourth biggest city in America, soon to be third hit you where it hurts the most. Money, that’s right because it drives all TV contracts.
• Boycott any types of small12 programming
• Boycott any types of advertisers linked to the small12
• Watch every single AAC, PAC12 and SEC broadcast
You bet you disgust me but you know friends I am not surprised. This latest snub started way before today or 1996 when we were left to the curb. It started the day we got accepted to the SWC. They saw first-hand what we could do in our first year. All of the probations thrown at us were designed to limit or nullify our dominance. Today that is another example of how much of a coward band you are. I have no illusions that you will snatch CTH. That is what you do. That is what fruit flies do. One day you will look at this day and realize that you killed your own golden goose. You never wanted to play by the rules. You have personified once again that you are a bunch of cowards.
Long live U of H
Go Coogs!!!


Tell us how you really feel. No need to hold back!

Cowards show their true colors when it matters the most to them. They were shaking scared when realizing they were going to get a yearly beat down. They just could not face it.

They are no doubt scared of our upside for a multitude of reasons.

Scared they were. Scared they are.

I have to say that the Orangebloods mod called this as soon as all this mess started. They stated the support was all just cover to make it look like they were supporting UH so UT could get UT Houston. So you have Abbot publicly supporting UH with OU & OSU being made to be the bad guys. According to them, this was UT’s plan all along. Obviously that is extremely dishonest and shady. Everything played out exactly as they said it would.

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