SMU gets commitment from #2 Dual Threat QB in 2021

I’m just so upset that they got Preston Stone. Seems smu bent over backwards to make it happen though, including Signing his brother as a wr and hiring his HS coach to be their recruiting co-ordinator.

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Sounds similar to what we did with Ed Oliver. It’s fair game.

His dad went to SMU and he has been going to SMU games for years.

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We tried that also with Jackson Jeffcoat and his dad and it did not work.

It is a long time until signing day for next year but jeez, seeing the other aac school in Texas beating us on the field and now on the recruiting trail is unsettling.

In Dana we trust…


Did they get both a DT and a QB, or am I reading that wrong?

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DT is dual threat

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Wow. That’s quite a pickup then. Such an impactful position.

Wow, sounds like SMU knows how to recruit.

That would be a sight to see. Two-way player who’s a 290+ defensive tackle by day and a gun-slinging QB by night! I’d pay extra to see that!


:joy: I thought they got a player at both positions but that would be must see tv lol

What? He’s the #2 Dual threat QB? He must have some moves on him better than King.

No believe me, I know it happens all the time! I’m not mad saying that it’s unfair, it just sucks to see SMU get such a great pick up. The other stuff was more just observations

So would you rather see him play at somewhere like OU or UT or LSU or ATM?

What would that do for the AAC’s relative strength and reputation?

He’s homegrown and the scumbags from Austin or that hellspawn wasteland outside Navasota didn’t get him.

I hate SMU but I love to see 4/5* talent go to AAC schools.


Give me a break…!!! This is some kid who plays for an Episcopal school in Dallas?? Talent and competition level gonna be below 1A !!! I dont care if he is a 4 star or not…WHO has he competed against?? King and Ward were QBs for top level state champ public schools…This kid is a big question mark to me…


Dude, whatever. Houston Episcopal had a player go to Alabama last year. Playing in your opinion, competition below 1A must be ok.


Fair, but it’s kinda the lesser of two evils right? Like yeah I’d honestly rather him go to SMU than really any other school besides uh, and I’m always happy to see a kid stay home and do something for his city. But I feel like UH SMU should be a way bigger rivalry than it is. And I don’t want to see them crush us for 4 years. Shane buchelle is bad enough :disappointed_relieved:.

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True dat. We just have to elevate our game. We want to play with the big boys. We need to act the part and take the fight to the other guys. I don’t know the secret but I bet Dana does.

And holding onto that commitment once the SEC and UT bagmen ramp up is going to bite a chunk out of SMU’s recruiting budget.


Well, he had home visits from Alabama and twice from Ohio State. That’s 2 playoff teams.

But I do think because of the talent he was going against made his running easier.