SMU GM Road trip

I look frwd to going to my first gm at SMU. I know from what I see on here that tiks n seating won’t be a problem on Visitors side. But can I get some feedback on sections, aisles that most Coogs fans sit in. PLan on buying 2 tiks Monday through SMU Football site and rather just purchase in designated area for #GoCoogs

Had a thread going last night about it. Here’s what @commishbob44 let me know when I asked about the sections:

SMU Tix? - #6 by commishbob44

Patrick the visitors sections are marked as 116-120 in the lower bowl which is where we had our seats in '16 as well. StubHub has some in 121 which is close.

oh sorry didn’t know there was already something on this. Will def try purch in that area.
Thks Patrick.

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No problem. It was pretty far down and was easily missed. Just wanted to give credit where it was due since I had the same question last night.

You will not have a problem finding tickets in a Coog designated area. The east side of the stadium is the visitors side so the 6:00 pm sunshine at kick off will not be a problem. Now the heat… well that might be a different story.


I believe the high is 70 in Dallas next Saturday.

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Get cheapest tickets from StubHub on game day and sit wherever u want.

I bought tickets in section 123.

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