SMU:It’s not always Sonny in Dallas……/Lashlee gets the job

In all seriousness, this would be a huge kick in the junk for smoo. We’ve had our share of poached head coaches, but never to the team across town that we play every year. That’s akin to Cal Naughton Jr. stealing Ricky Bobby’s wife and moving into the house while he’s out for a drive.


But their marriage was a hollow shell.


Has a Cal McNair vibe to me!

Meh, we beat him at SMOO we will beat him at Great Horny Toads U.


Billy Embody is speculating Rhett Lashlee as SMU next HC

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Thank you I’m tired of people saying this. Smu has started 7-0 the last 3 years. Yet they finished with 3 losses each year, maybe more this year. That means they have ended the season .500 or worse the last 3 years. They just fold when the competition gets tougher and the stakes get higher. That’s what dykes has done at smu. It’s not like they played bad against us, or against Memphis. They just didn’t make the big play at the end, they could easily be 10-1 right now just off 2 plays, but smu always folds. Thats the difference between us and them, you can see we are about what and what as far as talent, but our coaching is better and we are prepared and we always make the big plays when most needed

What does @coachv’s north Dallas sources say?

Checking my North Texas sources. Heard Lashlee as a replacement for Sonny at SMU

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Amazing they blew Patterson out for Sonny. TCU will be what they were in the SWC, a win marked off before the season starts.


TCU could have done better. I just can’t believe that this is a step forward for TCU, but maybe Dykes offense will take off with better athletes at TCU.

It’s definitely a departure defensively, and this is what TCU always did well.

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I’m in the same boat…“Gary we feel like we need a change in direction, the program seems to have stalled out.” This is a fair assessment.

So we’re bringing in…Sonny Dykes? Who’s reputation for elevating programs is suspect at best.


Yah but you didn’t add your famous “Done Deal” so we thought you were joking.

At this point some of the SMU fans are ready to pop their collars and boot Sonny out the door with a Sperry Top-Sider.

We have been there and it sucks.

It’s official, but why is he still coaching


More fun in the link

Who is that?

I have a few friends who are tcu alums that are not happy with this hire at all. They feel they can do a bit better.


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