@SMU Score Prediction

Lines have us as -1 favorites.

This feels like a potential 69-68 kinda game…with the good guys winning.

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Coogs 241, Ponies 0. Hinton will be held under 100 points though


78-70 coogs win

64-62 Coogs

73-67 Good Guys

It will be close SMU is going to try and make it a slow slugfest and we have to play smart.

Should be a hell of a game, especially on SMU’s court. Tech plays ISU at the same time but I will switch over during the ads.

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74-68 Coogs

72 - 64 Coogs Win.

Coogs by 1


Think we lose by 10, Mustangs 75-65

Coogs 70-65

That is all we need …

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Just win baby!

I predict pain for my little ponies

Need to step up and show out on the road! Coogs…74-62!

72 UH
67 SMU

Accounting for the inevitable home cooking SMU is going to receive, I’ll say 64 - 60, Coogs. We’ll have an 8 point lead late and the refs will step up their attention-seeking behavior and make it a closer game than it should be.


75-67 Coogs

Major, MAJOR trap game. It’ll be close and in the 60s, I’m sure. 67-65 either way, I’ll say.

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