SMU Tickets

Looking for two tickets to SMU. Preferably in section 101-103. My dad and one of his buddies are wanting to come to the game, they have not been to TDECU yet.

Plenty for sale thru UH ticket office:)


No doubt you can come to the game and have your choice…Go Coogs…

Just buy GA and sit wherever you want. There’ll be plenty empty seats everywhere.

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Someone thought they could do that this past weekend and a confrontation broke out. lol


I’m looking forward to this game. I think we can have some kinks ironed out by then and hope to ruin their season on national tv.


Yup, ruining Smoo’s season and beating Memphis for a change would salvage this season for me.


If you have GA tickets and sitting anywhere you want, if the actual tickets show up, just kindly apologize then move to other seats. We don’t need confrontations amongst COOG fans when the stadium is just over half full.


Yeah. Crazy stuff. If you’re in somebody’s seats, just move. Plenty of room these days.


I’d never argue over seats. I understand preferential seating, but I can see just fine anywhere. Lol

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A few times people have told me I was in their seats. I politely tell them these are my season tickets and I sit here every game. I’ll usually try to help by pointing them in the right direction. There was one instance where a group refused to listen and it almost got Western. Before we all got removed from the stadium one of them realized they were in the wrong section.

I’m an easy going guy, but that type of thing does get me heated in a hurry.


Yea this happen more than y’all might think. The sections have signs on both entrances so it could be easy to think you in one section and be in another. For new folks that is. I have been in my section for years, so I know who and where folks sit in our section.

We’ll get the occasional family sit in the wrong seats, but I don’t mind. I know they’re new so I hope they have a great time at the game. My “french” may come out every now and then, but that’s because the coach did something dumb. haha High Fives for all when we score!


We have our seats and not giving them up either! It is very hard for this old timer to walk up and down stairs anymore so I sit on one of those seats at the top of the second level…great view and the seats are never full…same thing for hoops but the seats are full each game…

They should be able to sit wherever they want.