So...Birmingham or Fort Worth?

As AAC West runner-ups, where are we going?

I believe Boca Raton is in play as well.

Went from talking playoffs to the Boca Raton bowl… it hurts

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Maybe at least the Bahamas?

We lose one game and you guys are ready to jump off a cliff?


I don’t think they’re jumping off a cliff. I think they mean we need help. If Navy doesn’t lose two games we can’t get into the conference championship. I’m not sure if that’s a requirement to get into the Cotton Bowl (this year’s access bowl). I know the committee will take the highest ranked non P5 team, but does that team also have to be a conference champ? If so, we need help from Navy’s opponents. It’s very depressing.

Yep, you have to win your conference to be eligible for the contractual obligation slot. At this point we’re looking up at all the undefeated AAC teams, Boise State, and even Western Michigan.

Navy losing 2 would be the cleanest way, but there is a tie breaker scenario possible if Memphis beats Navy and we beat Memphis and those are the only conference losses for all 3 teams. Not exactly sure how that scenario plays out though.

But like I said on another thread, Navy beat a bad UConn team by 4 and an even worse Tulane team by 7. The thought of them losing to both Memphis and USF is not a crazy thought. Let’s not give up just yet.


I agreed with navy losing 2 or more conference games this year. I just don’t think they’re that good. We were just really bad last night for some reason. NY6 bowl is not 100% out of the equation.

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actually, navy just beat the number 6 team in the country and they have domers left to play as well…these guys have one loss…win out and they may make an access bowl…interesting to see where they rank this week.

can memphis and southe florida beat them?
that will need to happen if we have any chance to go to a ny6 bowl.

Navy plays at East Carolina this week. Then home to Memphis, away to South Florida, then Notre Dame and Tulsa. They beat us by 6 points, Tulane by 7, and U Conn by 4. Any of their remaining conference opponents can outscore them if they don’t get the breaks they did with us.

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