So close to 31-0

So proud of this team. Now is when the games really start to count.


I think this Memphis win counted for the running of the overall number #1 seed and some may say for a #1 seed period contrary what @bigmccoog may think!

Undefeated on the road.


Dream season is unfolding. This team is special.


The tourney will be tough.


Ikr? ECU, Temple, Tulane? Ugh talk about about a gauntlet

The Tourney

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This team could do it. Shead and Sasser are the best backcourt in the country. The frontcourt is streaky which drives me nuts but when they are on a roll, they are really good. The Bench is good and pretty deep. There isn’t anybody that comes into the game that you are like “oh geez”. Sampson is a hall of fame coach.

Sure why not win it all this year.

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One team did go 31-0.

The 1968 team.

They lost game #32, to UCLA in the National Semi-Finals.