So here's what needs to happen

  1. Memphis needs to win out until our game. That means they beat Navy, giving them their 2nd loss. If we beat Memphis, we all tie at 7-1. Memphis would have 2 losses. We would have 1 or 2 losses. I think we win the tiebreaker.

  2. Navy needs to lose twice and we need to win out.

OOC losses are meaningless. We need to win out, Memphis needs to win out until our game, and USF needs to beat Navy.

what would happen in the ny6 bowl situation if we are 13-1 with win over loserville but don’t even play in the aac championship game?
navy could have loses to norte dame, and air force, maybe even south florida…but still win the west

If Memphis wins at Navy, they probably beat everyone else leading up to us. Which means for us to win the tiebreaker, we would have to beat Louisville and Memphis back to back. I don’t think we are good enough to do that at this point.

What I am really worried about is us having 10k no shows for the Tulsa game which would definitely be noticed by the Big12.

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OOC games come into play for tiebreaker scenario 6 which comes down to overall winning %. Scenario 7 would be highest CFB ranking.

In @CougarRed’s scenario above, if we win out and Memphis beats Navy, we would win the West and host since USF would have lost.

If we win all but the Louisville game, we’d probably win the tiebreaker due to ranking, but the strange thing in play would be that Army-Navy is played after the Conference Championship Game. Since it comes down to ranking or overall record, would that game be played and the conference championship be moved until after?

Ah well, who knows. Coogs just need to win.

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