So how did this all go down

I’m curious if we’ll get any info from behind the scenes. I’d like to know how just two weeks ago we were hearing reports that the Big 12 didn’t want to deal with UH because Tilman had called out the last process. Was there any truth to that? Did they just get over it? Or did someone change that opinion?

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I doubt Tilman’s comment or personality played any role whatsoever in their apparent hesitancy about adding Houston. These guys deal with rich pricks all the time, and everything is always negotiable.


So why did that info get play?

My guess is that somebody was told by their boss to get a story online and did a little speculating on why Houston wasn’t an apparent frontrunner at the time. Of course, it now appears as though they had their four choices picked out from the moment the PAC-12 announced they wouldn’t expand.

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What started the ball rolling was PAC- 12 saying NO to expansion and that they were staying put at the moment. That got Bowlsby moving quickly in having everyone on same page. Where b4 the announcement he was on wait n see mode bc few of teams were eyeing West. Once the No expansion came he knew n all the remaining ADS & Presidents knew they had move quickly on 4 Teams they had already identified to bring over. This chain of events came from 2 separate prominent Writers who been covering BIG12 for long time. Take it fwiw.

That was just a rumor

I know Oliver Luck advocated for UH…After he was consulted with by the big 12…We were in the next day or so


Disgruntled boosters unhappy with presidents and administrations who had already begun negotiations.

I think they were showed the money. That changes everything.


Why did that info get play? Are you serious with that question? Lol

Because people love gossip and pettiness?


How did this all go down? Very interesting question. Hopefully some reporter will be able to dig up all the facts, power brokers and timing and document it.


I assume there are some not happy with the inclusion of Houston, but they had to swallow a bitter pill and acknowledge that without Houston, the league wouldn’t be as valuable. I know this sounds crazy but the Houston market/eyeballs and our willingness to pay stupid money for our athletics did count for a lot.


I’m still in awe how fast we went from rumor to reality!