So I guess this ends

…Patrick’s almost daily “expansion” threads? This makes me sad. :joy:


Honestly I’m glad it’s over. We can all move. Put more focus on this top ranked team we have.

The harping on TV ratings and butts in seats will hopefully cool off.

The money side of things have really taken away from the game IMO.


The financial side of college athletics has always fascinated me. But I’m with you. I’m much more about the X’s & the O’s.


Hell, I’m happy they’re over too. Much rather just focus on the Coogs. :joy:


Butts in the seat should not cool off. There is no better way to get star athletes, than to show a full stadium. The athlete wants to play in front of people, they want to hear the fans yelling. The athletes go through hell in the summer not knowing if they will get any playing time. The least we can do as fans is to show up at every game regardless of the opponent. The student athlete has earned our support before the first game is ever played.


My point is we can stop harping on it.

People were freaking out because of the expansion discussion. They felt the clock was ticking on getting an invite, so every empty seat was going to be the reason for UH being left out.

Recruits at the game feel the atmosphere and hear how loud it gets.

Recruits watching on TV care much more about winning ball games. Probably not concerned with a 80% or 85% or 90% filled stadium.

As a matter of fact, if a player chooses K-STATE over UH because they have a 100% full stadium, then good riddance.

Zzzzzzzzzzzz…wha? WTF it happened? We’re not in? I guess the best choice was not to pay attention to it.

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My only point was to support the athletes. Did not care about little 10 as stated many times. The recruits only see a half empty stadium on their visit and what opposing schools are showing. Read my opinion again. Give the COOGS a true home field advantage.

THIS STORY “AIN’T” OVER YET … just the beginning … of the end

Uhhh … call it … Expansion … the conclusion …

Its like all those movie extras you miss when you walk out on the credits.

Prayer will probably call it something appropriate when it starts …:relaxed:

It may not come out tonight or tomorrow but its coming soon … after all … Rome wasn’t built in a day but its destruction practically was … `

Bringing something to an end like the Big12 will take some careful calculations … ALL THE DUCKS need to be precisely in a row … all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted and absolutely no room for error

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