So Last Night Wasn't Bad Dream

Woke up and was hoping it was just a nightmare. We gave this guy resources and $$$ that prior HC could only dream of to prep for the P5 move. WTH has The Dud been doing ? It sure as hell isn’t getting UH Football P5 ready. He’s cooked


It was very real and so is my hangover.

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I guess look at the bright side with Dana. At least we don’t have to worry about the obligatory “Are we ranked this week” threads in the BigXII and his coaching… SMH

It feels worse than when Applewhite was here after the Army loss.

These last 5 years have been wasted. Absolutely wasted by our leadership. Football and baseball.

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Well by your name “Young”…5 years is such a short time of suffering.

When you have wasted and suffered for 40 years, then you will be wise and know it can go on forever like a Highlander movie.