So this is the way it's going to be on this board for the rest of the season?

Endless over the top complaining, even when we win?

Sure I have concerns like everyone, but if this is the way it’s gonna be, maybe some meditation, long walks and Stuart Smalley are in order.

Look I have Coog PTSD from the past like everyone, but jeeze… if it’s going to be Debbie Downer Convention for the rest of the season… what’s the point?

Tell you what, if we get worked by SMU, I will apologize for this post. Fair enough?


So far the only thing that’s changed for me is my expectations have been lowered.

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Fair enough… I just hate the false narratives that are developing on the board… ie: we don’t go down field (we do - did multiple times today, Offense is slow (we went tempo much of the time today). We only run on 1st downs (we passed more than we ran today).

Rather people focus on the real issus… O-line for second straight year is not very good at run-blocking, we don’t have speedsters on the outside. etc. We lost the heart of the D in the 1st Q.

Instead folks are already writing the team off. Hate that.


So many experts. So many coaches, Portland. It’s great to have great expectations, but now they’re even blaming Tillman for “losing” when we are 3-1! Incredible. If only the downers would step up with his cash and his support to both athletics and academics. Why didn’t he hire Saban! Or Belichick? It’s only money?! Not theirs.

Might be a tough season. Certainly frustrating not playing up to the level we did for the past couple of years (despite our poor close last year), so let’s just crap all over our coaches and players. Sheesh. How else can we can keep loyal fans – they just won’t tolerate bad wins. Only in Houston.

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This is how I feel. Seems like people are displacing the disappointment of Herman leaving on the current team. But somewhere in this thread I will be accused of being a sunshine pumper. Cause, you know… internet.

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Anyone comparing this coaching staff to Levine/Bush has a short damn memory. That is where my line is drawn. That is ridiculous. The Allen vs Postma talk is tiresome as well.


first time head coach, promoted from within, a fully first time OC, a struggling offense, the only difference is this time the hurricane intervened and spared UH from UTSA 2.0

Three games in , less than 20 points average …that’s bad for a Houston known for its potent offense

it is what it is, but we have seen this movie before. Don’t get me wrong , things may change, and the offense may start gelling but BJ needs help in the scheme and play calling

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He’s not a 1st time OC

Correct, he failed as OC at Utah.


Can’t be argued both ways though, both 1st time OC and failed OC

I agreed with you that he is not a first time OC.

OP, I’m not sure where you are reading that stuff. You seem to have pulled some random posts and cited them. Our offense has been horrid the past two games, and the future looks bleak. Is Ed Oliver out? If so, the future looks even worse. The OC hire is looking pretty bad right now, as is the WR Coach.


Yes you’re right, I just make up stuff. I get it you don’t like this team. That’s fine.

In his first stint he was a Co-offensive coordinator, and was demoted to qb coach. that’s why I qualified it with “fully” and has not been an OC since 2012.

Semantics aside, His Utah offense ranked 111th .

I find it strange that people ignore the success the OC had at MissSt.

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BJ was not an OC at Mississippi state !. He was a qb coach. Dan Mullen called in plays himself

Prolly the same people who thought Lane Kiffin was a good idea.


I didn’t say you made stuff up. I said you picked a few random thoughts you didn’t agree with and attributed that to the board. It’s time to face reality and see what we’ve got on offense this year. Most people are not happy with play calling, WR play, OL play, RB play and poor or no half time adjustments. If you are confident we beat SMU, I’m not sure what team you are watching. There is lots of improvement needed across the board on offense.


Watching SMU UConn. Coach needs to issue track shoes . . . . .


Yeah, you’re misunderstanding my post. And it seems you just want to be right rather than try to understand. So let’s agree to disagree. You seem very pessimistic and don’t seem to like this team. That’s fine.

I’m concerned about this team too, but I’m not going to keep rushing to judgement and disparage a win.