So tired of "Bible" thumpers

He is 100 percent correct. It is time for conservatives to take control of the education system. The modern democrat party is pure evil. There is no way to deny it. I get it from reading nonsense from libs on here that they are too blind to see it lol cuz they are on team democrat. Like they are cheering on a football team as their “team” destroys decent society.


The target is always children. And that’s why God gave children to parents, not to governments, not to woke institutions—that are then staffed and manned by those that [sic] want to undermine the faith and values that made America great, and that advanced the good.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised that nefarious forces are targeting children because the goal is, ultimately, the collapse of the family and the killing of God in America.

What that does is it so destabilizes our moral and societal structures, that it can then be replaced and reorganized with something different—like progressive, socialist, Communist ideas. And that has always been the plan.

From the article. He is spot on. Obamas transformation of America. Shasta’s fake “twitter” friends version of America. Look at the twitter comments from libs. Most sickening people the world has to offer.


People made up gods to explain existence. These gods, belief systems and how humans use them to organize societies differs among cultures. One person’s god is another person’s godhead is another person’s false god(s). What you believe is largely a matter of where you were raised, and at what point in the history of those religions.

A stick-and-carrot approach seems to be a feature of most religions. Eternal happiness or some form of eternal torment or reincarnation to do you all over again.

The American brand of Christianity has a nationalist twist as if Americans invented religion, God founded America, and the power of the US is proof of God’s favor. That’s baked into the American psyche. In many regards Christianity has been less socially repressive the last 50 years, adjusting to the growing equality of women and racial minorities - drop a verse here and there or reinterpret some teaching previously intended to control women, justify slavery, etc.

The GOP is throwing a literal Hail Mary to enforce a particular brand of Christianity through control of state legislatures and judicial appointments, Congress and the presidency. They are dedicated and have fellow travelers who may not believe but will benefit.

That’s the modern Republican Party. Enjoy.

As Christianity has largely revised its teachings to reflect the societies in which it exists, a substantial number of adherents view “old time religion” as a justification to extend social control by laws constraining social behaviors just as religion has always been used by clergy, kings, queens and emperors.