So we have two of our hardest games coming up…

Against Memphis….split?

3 peat


Funny. I thought Bama and @ Virginia were our hardest games. Also, St Mary’s is probably tougher than Memphis home or away


We owe Memphis retribution for last year’s regular season sweep. They’re not nearly as good as last year, so I’d count on it.


Yes we will split to the Big 12 after we sweep them!:slight_smile:


A split is what Memphis is hoping to get.

Sasser will lock Kendric Davis down. Jarace will go off on Deandre Williams.

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Memphis is a two man team. That said, they’re a two man team that can score a lot in a hurry. I would also say they might have the two best players in the league. The wild card is they have Penny. Which gives us a decided advantage. Although he tends to coach above his average against us.

Coogs by 1 both games.


I don’t think anyone locks Kendric Davis down completely. But if Sasser and others can limit him to some extent, force others to step up, we could roll.


UH could afford to lose one more game this season and still get the #1 overall seed in the tournament :writing_hand:


I agree. At Memphis is the only game we can loss

Or Memphis in the AAC Championship. 2 losses drops us to a 2 seed, in my opinion

Kansas, Texas, UCLA, Arizona are right there for a 1 seed.

Memphis takes A LOT of pride in regular season wins over CKS. The conference tourney is like the gasparilla bowl to them if they get the 2 reg season dubs.

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Memphis game will be on short rest after @smu on Thursday, but I have little doubt our guys will be ready. This stretch of 4 games in 10 days is just what we need to get tournament-ready. Looking forward to it.
As far as memphis, let’s beat them twice and slam the door on them for good on our way out!

Unlike last season both teams will be on the same rest.


Memphis on short rest as well,Like said above! They have two great players, but we have the “BEST PLAYING TEAM IN THE NATION” right now!


I personally think that Memphis has been a two man team by design. It does not mean that the others a playdough. I’d be they will step up and make more of each game than many believe. Also, the AAC tourney game (if we play them) will have no effect on our placement in the NCAA Tourney . . . . .

Should be interesting, think we split but beat them in tourney.

I too think they’ll play us tough but I’m not impressed by a one-point win at home against UCF. I’ve been bearish on UCF all season. I think they aren’t that good.

I had UCF wrong. I thought they were really good and had the talent to finish 2nd in the conference. Truth be told, they just aren’t a well coached team. I know they’ve had quite a few injuries, but I think Dawkins is on the hot seat after this season.


Agreed. We have had problems with some of the cat quick food shooting guards we have played this year.
Hold him and Williams best we can and make the others step up.

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