So what about Kendall?

I don’t have a problem with it. First that made us money, FSU had to buy him out. Second Applewhite was a shinking ship, he needed to find a landing spot. Third he agreed to coach the bowl game. I thought he did us a solid at the time.

The Briles name is TOXIC. No thanks.

I agree, but Jenkins is probaby the greatest living offensive mind in football today. Even with the way he modified and enhanced the run and shoot, most of his schemes never saw the light of day here.

Jenkins is definitely the coolest coach we have had, his windbreaker tuck notwithstanding

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I don’t think they have the charisma that Prime has. Coach Prime is more than just hiring an ex-NFL player. Great players don’t always make great coaches.

Kendall ain’t Art

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If they’re hungry, that means it must be time for 4pm dinner at Luby’s…


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I don’t know, but if our NIL budget is small, is that because we have CDH as coach? What was CU’s NIL budget before Prime got there? My understanding is that it was small. That was one of the reasons he was hired, to generate fan interest and thus NIL interest.

I am not saying a new HC will solve all of our issues; however, I think it would go a long way toward doing so.

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No, they can do better than Briles.

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